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Customizing CSS, ??base.css or where?

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Hello, I'm adding custom CSS to the styles.css in platform pro theme, and I read this inside this file: DO NOT CUSTOMIZE THIS FILE USE BASE CHILD THEME OR SETTINGS - Customization CSS in PageLines Themes - Customize PageLines themes by adding CSS in the theme settings or in the Base child theme (w Pro) - Don't add it here; as it will either get overwritten by updates, or prevent you from updating at all - (Trust us on this one!) I tryed adding a file base.css but I don't know where I should import or activate it. How do I add and make work a base.css file? The documentation is not very deep in this... http://www.pagelines.com/docs/base-child-theme I don't want to add custom CSS in the PlatformPro settings as it will make my site slower Thank you

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