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Main Menu Nav Dropdowns only appear on homepage

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I can't seem to find an answer to this anywhere in the forum so I apologize in advance if this has been answered. On my website, http://www.ambitioninsight.com'>http://www.ambitioninsight.com you'll see my menu has dropdowns for more than one section, but the arrows and dropdown menus only appear on the homepage, category pages and post pages. For example, the dropdowns show up on: http://www.ambitioninsight.com'>http://www.ambitioninsight.com http://www.ambitioninsight.com'>http://www.ambitioninsight.com/category/company-news/ and http://www.ambitioninsight.com'>http://www.ambitioninsight.com/2011/09/14/julios-wood-fired-pizza-grill/ But they don't show up on "Page" like: http://www.ambitioninsight.com'>http://www.ambitioninsight.com/contact/ http://www.ambitioninsight.com'>http://www.ambitioninsight.com/domain-names/ and http://www.ambitioninsight.com'>http://www.ambitioninsight.com/services/ I have dropdowns enabled, I have all the menu's setup properly with Child Pages and everything, as seen working properly on all Posts and Category Pages. The dropdown also shows up on 404 error pages! See here: http://www.ambitioninsight.com'>http://www.ambitioninsight.com/ser3vices/ On every other website I've made using Platform I have never had this problem. Thanks so much in advance for your help, Brett

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