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Place a logo right inside primary nav bar

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Hello, I'd like to place a clickable logo in the main-nav, float to the right. Like this image: nav_logo.png I tried to hook it in the function.php in platformbase theme, with

	add_action('pagelines_inside_bottom_primary-nav', 'add_yoga_logo');
	function add_yoga_logo(){
<?php } [/code] and add the following code in style.css
[code] #yoga-logo-nav{ float:right; }
It comes out like this: logo_offplace.png Then I tried to fix it by modifying #nav_row css property, in platformpro settings->custom code with
	#nav_row .main_nav .fix:after
	{	clear: none;

But it looks still the same. Which element should I modify?

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Hi I just tested this and found a solution. You will want to set .main-nav to a width that is less than the page width, to allow room for the image. And then float #nav_row left: [code] .main-nav{ width:700px; } #nav_row{ float:left } [/code]

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