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Error on jquery 1.6.1 line 2

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Has anyone ever encounter this jquery error? On chrome, it appears as : Uncaught SyntaxError: Unexpected Token : jquery.js line 2 On firefox, it appear as: missing } after property list : jquery.js line 2 This is still the same wordpress jquery files which comes with defaut installation my site is at http://www.gspreschool.net/preschoo-trial-classes The expected output is having booking calendar + form displayed Another site (not mine) is giving me the same error on jquery http://getpremise.com/demo/landing/tab-scroller/#3 The expected output is tabbed content I am pretty sure I didnot modify my jquery files and the error starts to appear one week ago. I tried to clear the cache but the error persists I used Chrome/Firefox/IE, all have the same errors The strange thing is that on other computers with firefox, the error dissapear Am I being hacked ? thank you, regards, joie

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