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How to edit the default morefoot boxes near the footer

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Hello forum members, I am trying to figure out how to customize the footer boxes below my content, I believe its called the morefoot area. I am trying to add text Like an about page or some related links at the bottom of the website and I'm not sure how to do it with the morefoot widgets that are available. I am vaguely familiar with the text widget, and I think that maybe thats what I'm supposed to use. But I dont know how to use the text widget so that it shows a heading for the box or column and then some clickable links that are below. I would also like to know how I can put a picture or image followed by some text below it - I would like to have the 3 boxes in the lower part of the website have pictures as well as some text that summarizes what the picture or link is about. But I do not know how to do this with the text widget. Thanks for the help

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