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iblogPro4 upgrade

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Hello! I have iBlogPro 3.6.3 instlled, and i am trying to switch to the new iblogPro4 i did buy earlier to day but it will not work for me. It seems like i dont have all the files... I followed the the instructions below, but i have this error when i try to activate to the new version in wordpress, (Broken theme, missing stylesheet and template) i unzipped and copied the content of the unzipped file, then i renamed the folder to iblogpro4 and put it to the themes directory... To upgrade to newest version: 1. You may want to back your site up (just to be safe) 2. Rename the new theme (for example "iBlogPro_new???) and upload to themes folder 3. Visit WP Admin and switch theme to new version 4. There is no need to replace plugins, but you may want to add newly supported plugins

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