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iBlog Pro 4 - Adding WP125 to the sidebar tutorial.

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I noticed, that guys from PageLines removed the WP125 ads integration from the newest version of iBlog Pro. Thats, the way you can put it back in: 1. Go to: iBlogPro -> config -> config_options.php In between of lower_sidebar & sideicons Paste this code:

'showads' => array(
							'default' => false,
							'type' => 'check',
							'inputlabel' => 'Show ads?',
							'title' => 'Enable Ads (non-widget)',
							'shortexp' => 'Places ads from the WP125 plugin in the sidebar on all pages.',
							'exp' => "Enabling this option will place a special ad widget in the sidebar that will show up on all pages. You can also enable ads by adding the WP125 widget to your sidebars."
2. Go to iBlogPro -> sidebar.php Under
<?php if(VPRO) include(THEME_LIB.'/_grandchildnav.php');?>
Paste this code:
<?php if(pagelines('showads') && function_exists('wp125_write_ads') && !get_post_meta($post->ID, 'hide_ads', true)):?>
		<div id="ads" class="wp125_write_ads_widget widget">
			<div class="winner clear">
				<?php wp125_write_ads(); ?>
				<div class="clear"></div>
		<?php endif;?>
3. Add this code to your Custom CSS field in the Theme Options Panel:
/* wp125 Ads */
			#sidebar  .winner #wp125adwrap_2c {padding-left:1px;}
			#wp125adwrap_2c { width:100%; }
			#sidebar #wp125adwrap_2c .wp125ad { width:125px; float:left; padding:6px; }

Now save all the files that you changed. Worked for me :) I use it to display Ads independently from the Accordion Sidebar.

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