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WPML 404 Dutch language problem

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Good afternoon, I am struggling for about a week with the WMPL.org multi language plugin on my website. I have been opening a thread at their support forum, but the response time is very slow (yeah, I have to work along with my project, so this plugin has a high priority) I am using a sub-domain for my Dutch language: nl.dj-lounge.com and the main domain dj-lounge.com for English. The MX-Records for the sub-domain have been set up well and the 'Virtual Host' settings have been added in the apache config. All plugins have been disabled, except the wmpl plugin. If I point to dj-lounge.com there is a 404 error coming. I have been trying everything suggested on their forum, and the permalinks have also been set as they suggested: /%year%/%month%/%postname% Unfortunetely, none of them working. Is there someone else who is working with this wonderful plugin on his Platform Pro website? And yes, I bought this software: http://forum.wpml.org/topic.php?id=4225 Any suggestions are more then welcome! :)

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