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Parsing the .dat settings file

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Hi, My .dat file is not being imported as i moved my wordpress from "/new/" directory to the root. I'm looking at the .dat file. I'm looking to see if it looks right and checking lengths for the lines of code with "http" in it for the url fixes needed. Heres the first block of code. Are there obvious errors in it? What does a:2 mean? Shouldn't every a:x:{ end with a } before beginning a new a? Thanks ---- the code ---- a:2:{ s:18:"pagelines_settings"; a:118:{ s:13:"theme_version"; s:0:""; s:11:"selectedtab"; s:2:"14"; s:10:"just_saved"; s:1:"1"; s:21:"pagelines_custom_logo"; s:63:" logo.png"; s:17:"pagelines_favicon"; s:68:" vivo-icon.png"; s:11:"twittername"; s:0:""; s:19:"pagelines_touchicon"; s:0:""; s:24:"pagelines_callout_header"; s:0:""; s:27:"pagelines_callout_subheader"; s:0:""; s:23:"pagelines_callout_image"; s:84:"http://www.vivocoaching.com/wp-content/themes/platformpro/images/callout_default.png"; s:22:"pagelines_callout_link"; s:20:"http://pagelines.com"; s:6:"layout"; a:9:{ s:12:"saved_layout"; s:17:"one-sidebar-right"; s:9:"last_edit"; s:17:"one-sidebar-right"; s:13:"content_width"; s:3:"960"; s:9:"fullwidth"; a:2:{ s:16:"maincolumn_width"; s:3:"960"; s:20:"primarysidebar_width"; s:1:"0"; } s:17:"one-sidebar-right"; a:2:{ s:16:"maincolumn_width"; s:3:"582"; s:20:"primarysidebar_width"; s:3:"378"; } s:16:"one-sidebar-left"; a:2:{ s:16:"maincolumn_width"; s:3:"640"; s:20:"primarysidebar_width"; s:3:"320"; } s:17:"two-sidebar-right"; a:2:{ s:16:"maincolumn_width"; s:3:"480"; s:20:"primarysidebar_width"; s:3:"240"; } s:16:"two-sidebar-left";a:2:{s:16:"maincolumn_width"; s:3:"480";s:20:"primarysidebar_width";s:3:"240";} s:18:"two-sidebar-center"; a:2:{ s:16:"maincolumn_width"; s:3:"480"; s:20:"primarysidebar_width"; s:3:"240"; }}

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