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bbpress installation, something went wrong

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Hi, for some reason I cannot get the forum installed. Could someone please help? Here's the installation log: Referrer is OK, beginning installation??¦ Step 1 - Creating database tables >>> Modifying database: lukuliikefi (india-110.srv.hosting.fi) >>>>>> Table: wp_bb_forums >>>>>>>>> Creating table >>>>>>>>>>>> Done >>>>>> Table: wp_bb_meta >>>>>>>>> Creating table >>>>>>>>>>>> Done >>>>>> Table: wp_bb_posts >>>>>>>>> Creating table >>>>>>>>>>>> Done >>>>>> Table: wp_bb_terms >>>>>>>>> Creating table >>>>>>>>>>>> Done >>>>>> Table: wp_bb_term_relationships >>>>>>>>> Creating table >>>>>>>>>>>> Done >>>>>> Table: wp_bb_term_taxonomy >>>>>>>>> Creating table >>>>>>>>>>>> Done >>>>>> Table: wp_bb_topics >>>>>>>>> Creating table >>>>>>>>>>>> Done Step 2 - WordPress integration (optional) >>> Integration not enabled Step 3 - Site settings >>> Site name: keskustelut >>> Site address (URL): http://india-110.srv.hosting.fi/wp-content/plugins/buddypress/bp-forums/bbpress/ >>> From email address: [email protected] >>> Key master created >>>>>> Username: korpiri >>>>>> Email address: [email protected] >>>>>> Password: >>> Description: Just another bbPress community >>> Forum could not be created! >>> Making plugin directory at /var/www/lukuliikefi/public_html/forum/my-plugins/. >>> Making theme directory at /var/www/lukuliikefi/public_html/forum/my-templates/. >>> Key master email sent There were some errors encountered during installation!

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