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Tables aren't displaying properly in iblogpro

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For some reason, my tables aren't displaying properly. On one page in particular, I don't have any width restrictions other than the following: <table cellspacing="20" width="100%"> ...but, for some reason, the columns are different widths. This is occurring on other pages as well. Currently, the site is in maintenance mode, but you can see it by logging in at: http://www.alcopstoredev.com/wp-admin username: pagelines password: letmein ... and then clicking on the "view site" button in the upper left (please don't touch anything else -- hopefully that goes without saying, ;0) You can see the whacked tables on the following pages: - http://www.alcopstoredev.com/order/ - http://www.alcopstoredev.com/free-sample/ Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!! Pete

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