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Help with adding hooks in functions.php

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'm new to using child themes and custom hooks. I have a site that is using the Pagelines theme. I'm trying to get a transparent png of a right and left curly bracket on either side of the feature slider. I've tried using the hooks pagelines_inside_bottom_feature and pagelines_after_feature but I can't get it past the width of the feature slider to position it in css. I'm using a Full-Width Design Framework too. Any ideas on how to make this work? Is there anyway I could use a hook to add this in the body tag and then position it with margins?

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I would use something like

and then set it to
. You will have to set its container, proabably
, to

in order for its origin to be the feature box. If you insert the code, then we can help you with the CSS rules if you need it.

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