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Problems with Twitter integration using Twitter for WordPress plugin

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Hi Pagelines! I am having a problem with Twitter integration on my site: I successfully installed 'Twitter for WordPress', linked my Facebook fan page to my Twitter account, and linked my MailChimp campaigns to my Facebook and Twitter account. The links from Facebook to Twitter and MailChimp to Twitter were working, but for some reason my Twitter feed wasn't showing up in my Twitter bar anymore. I say "anymore" because it was working for a short time and then just suddenly stopped. I tried a few things to trouble-shoot like, deactivating and deleting the plugin and then re-adding and activating again and I also tried sending out a new campaign to see if that would work. I added the 'Twitter for WordPress Extended' plugin instead, but I'm having the same problem: works for a second, hit refresh, and back to "No public Twitter messages." After reading other posts, it seems that others are saying 'Twitter for WordPress' plugins are unstable. Right now, I'm trying to avoid the use of widgets on my site (REDelivery.ca), so if anyone has any other plugin recommendations that will work with ppro's PHP functions, please let me know! Cheers, Natalie

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