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iBlogPro3 3.5.1 - Previous Next Links Poor Formatting and Can't Be Disabled

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In iBlogPro3 3.5.1, it seems that there's no way to disable the links to the previous and next postings. When a post page title is too long, the links end up wrapping into the current post. Here's an example where this can be seen: http://www.resourcesforlife.com/docs/item2137 Having longer page titles is nice and preferred for improved SEO performance and page discovery. It would be nice to have a way to disable the previous next links, and/or have them truncated somehow, and/or turn them into simple buttons that say previous next. For websites that offer postings that are somehow connected, the previous/next links are nice. However, for websites that offer postings on a broad range of topics, it's unlikely that the person who landed on the current post about the iPhone will be interested in the previous post about a recipe for vegan pizza or the next post about weight lifting.

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