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  1. Responsive Youtube Embed

    Hi there, I have in my home a YT Video embed with the pagelines plugin but when i see the page with my iphone, all is responsive but not the video! Any solution please? Site: www.stefanoferruggiara.com
  2. I have purchased the YouTube plugin from your web site. I have tried multiple times to install but it won't. I downloaded the ZIP, selected it through the add plugin in WP, and the message I get is below.   I need to get this working as soon as possible. Help please. Thank you.     Installing Plugin from uploaded file: section-youtube-embed.zip Unpacking the packageā€¦ Installing the pluginā€¦ The package could not be installed. No valid plugins were found. Plugin install failed.  
  3. Twin Shot

    I have just upgraded to DMS after reading the documentation thinking that Twinshot as mentioned would be perfect for displaying videos.  I cannot find this section/plugin anywhere? Please advise.   http://docs.pagelines.com/tutorials/using-sections     
  4. Bad Ass video shortcodes

    Just purchased this plugin. Don't see any options to insert video in my drop down menu.   Any ideas?    
  5. Hi,   I'm using the features section to add 5 youtube videos to the front page of a site. If a user starts playing a video and then advances to a new feature slide by pressing one of the numbered buttons below, the audio from the video continues to play in the background. Not sure if this is a new issue or not, but I feel fairly sure that this wasn't happening a month or so ago when I built the site.   Thanks!
  6. I did not have any problem with TwinShot until tonight when I changed the YouTube videos I had there. The new videos do not load. 
  7. OK, so no matter what I do the "first video" in TwinShot always defaults to the vimeo player even if it is clearly a youtube video. I have tried it with the "main_video_id" set as well as not set (should default to the first video in the list). Everything work great as long as the first video in the list is actually a Vimeo video. If it is a YouTube video, it will launch the Vimeo player and error out (because vimeo knows not what to do with a Youtube vid). Any ideas??
  8. Hi,, I just took over a client's site that is on PageLines. I've hit the wall with this issue, and I know my way around Wordpress pretty well. (So much so, that I decided to buck up and pay the $197 for PL Developer so I could have access to the Forums area here.) El Problemo: When I embed the youtube link on client's pagelines theme in the homepage feature module, the video displays with too much black space at the top i.e. you can only see part of the video in the Features display window. The height is off. For a test, I tried adding it to a post and the video displays normally, so the issue is localized to the Features tout and will probably require something added in the CSS. Can someone help me fix this?? Note: I don't have it displaying on my website, alabamablackbeltadventures.org because I don't want it on the live site. Thanks! Look forward to learning and using this platform for other projects.
  9. I love the options in your framework - great variety - great tools. I have one suggestion that would really take it through the roof. Please adjust one of your slideshows (quickslider, features etc.) to play videos and responsively stop when the video is played. Right now, quickslider stops with interaction but won't play videos; and features plays videos but won't stop with interaction. I would really love this feature. Pretty please, -James
  10. You Tube Features

    Can we alter the appearance of the embedded youtube player? I would prefer not to have the player at the bottom of the video or the title at the top. Also, It would be nice to be able to give the player a height. What other code is there besides the "type" and "ID"? thanks for your input.