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  1. Hi,, I just took over a client's site that is on PageLines. I've hit the wall with this issue, and I know my way around Wordpress pretty well. (So much so, that I decided to buck up and pay the $197 for PL Developer so I could have access to the Forums area here.) El Problemo: When I embed the youtube link on client's pagelines theme in the homepage feature module, the video displays with too much black space at the top i.e. you can only see part of the video in the Features display window. The height is off. For a test, I tried adding it to a post and the video displays normally, so the issue is localized to the Features tout and will probably require something added in the CSS. Can someone help me fix this?? Note: I don't have it displaying on my website, alabamablackbeltadventures.org because I don't want it on the live site. Thanks! Look forward to learning and using this platform for other projects.