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  1. Hello,   Hit a brick wall with getting Features and Boxes to display on German version of homepage.   http://diskshred.eu/de/   I've attached a screenshot - I can't seem to associate the German version of the page with the box or feature sets. But it seems impossible to do this in Meta on the German translation of the page?   I have already translated the actual features and boxes using the WPML plugin. It should display like so http://diskshred.eu/ - except in German.   I'm using default-features and boxes and these are both set up properly in templates.   Any ideas greatly appeciated. I'm not really a coder but can dive in if necessary!   Versions:   Wordpress 3.5.1 Pagelines 2.4.2 WPML 2.8.2
  2. Hello I am using WP 3.5.1 together with Pagelines Framework 2.4.1 and WPML 2.7.1. My site is http://www.r-people.com/ I use Ubermenu for my Primary Navigation at the top. The second menu under the bradning section is a standard navbar, which behaves a bit strange. I want it to hoover but the menu title should be clickable to open the underlying link. At the moment it only fixes the submenu but it should open the link. I really have no more ideas what to Change to make it a link. In the menu definition it is a link but it appears in the browser only like a title. With firebug it shows me that Pagelines attaches a #m1, #m2, ... to each link. How can I get rid of this? If I cannot Change this behavior it is no big issue. The bigger Problem is the following: The more I placed a language selection from WPML on the navbar. Here another strange thing happens: The language selection can be made only partially related to the menu item I selected and the page I visit. If I select the shopping blog or forum I can select the language again. If I choose other blogs I cannot choose the language selector again. It works only with the shopping, power and mobility blogs and all forums. I checked it with firebug but have no more ideas what to change to make it work. Thank you for your help Gernot
  3. WPML navbar customization

    Hi everyone, Here's my first post - I'm a newly signed-up web developer. I'm creating a bilingual site for a client and am using WPML for multilingual use. The client would like the language switcher to be located flush right on the navbar (I'm using the Standard). I'm wondering if anyone has an idea of the best way to accomplish this in Pagelines, as I'm looking for a better way than just using divs and positioning. Many thanks in advance.
  4. Profiles Section with WPML

    Hello, I'd like to translate text I've created in the Profiles Section (premium section I purchased through the Pagelines store). I'm using WPML to handle my translations, which has so far worked great with Pagelines, but I can't seem to find a way to translate this particular section. Any ideas?
  5. Shorten Nav?

    It appears in Firebug that the navigation bar on my website is overlapping my language switcher, making nearly impossible to switch to Russian. http://www.skypeenglishclasses.com/ See the switcher in the upper right hand corner of the site. I've been trying to figure out how I can shorten the right side of the nav bar to fix this, or somehow make it so that the language switcher is above the nav bar so that all languages are clickable. No luck so far.