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  1. so, i want to make stylesheets for posts. i don't see any other way that makes any sense at all. i'm sick of plugins that don't work. two questions. first, i make the stylesheets, put them in a folder, then reference them through php, somehow. i'll figure that out, or you can help me. i just need to know that this won't break anything. second, i want to do the same for pages. what's the deal with that? do i mod a template and somehow attach a stylesheet to it? the tinyMCE thing is a joke, and the plugin crashes everything in its sight. i really don't understand why styling, or formatting, or art directing, or whatever you want to call it, is such a trauma with wordpress. a picture is worth a thousand words, wordpress, and white space is not your enemy. man does not live by database alone. thank you. p.s. i have posted this to technical support because what i want to do involves more than just css.