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  1. FYI, the Mobile Menu plugin does not currently "play well" with Wordpress 3.5.
  2. Hi, We have used the JQuery Accordion Menu Widget https://wordpress.org/support/plugin/jquery-vertical-accordion-menu with no problems for almost a year now but the plugin stopped working as it should (we think this happened when we upgraded to Wordpress 3.5). The menu used to drop down on click as an accordion would but now the menu just runs all the way down the page and no longer opens up or closes. This can be seen on our website at: http://scubadivergirls.com/scuba-blog/ Any thought or assistance is greatly appreciated
  3. Hello, I've just updated to wordpress 3.5 and now I can't edit my widgets. Nothing happens when you click on the menus to edit. I've updated 2 of my sites and the same is happening on both. I'm running the latest pagelines 2.3.8. Also can't edit the pagelines Drag and Drop template area at all. Again nothing happen when you click on a template area to edit. Is anyone else having issues like this after updating? Is it possible to reinstall the older version of wordpress once you've already updated? I need to edit the widget area quite urgently so any help on a way around would be great. thanks in advance.
  4. Just installed Wordpress 3.5 on a site. Had to see what would happen. I have a features section in the header. The feature images, on page load, just stack on top of each other. Of course, this renders the site unusable. I was wondering if anyone else had this problem and if there might be a fix. The site is http://www.edgewaterestates.org Thanks for any info on the matter. I did find a code snippet in the forum that hid the stacked images. Css for page and feature overflow: hidden But the feature transitions have stopped. There are three images in the header set. Denis