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  1. Throwing this out here since I'm having *splendid* luck with assistance via PL staff today (Yay Rob!). I've got a site... don't we all? Running WP/Pagelines with Woocommerce- blog and store. All 3 pieces of this puzzle have their own way of allowing access/maintaining subscriber/customer/user databases. And it seems EXTREMELY dumb + confusing + redundant (in the bad way) to have 3 different ways for someone to become part of your list, all with different functions. Has anyone had this issue before? How did you solve it? Do you choose one and dump the others? Don't want that because I want people to have the benefit of all 3 (commenting, subscriptions, store account). Could they be smushed together in some seamless and elegant way? Am I in over my head? (WAIT- do NOT answer that last one!) Okay geniuses, I await the brilliance of the PL hive mind. Bree
  2. WooCommerce Template

    I just recently switched from jigoshop to woocommerce. I noticed that know after setting everything up my products wont show up. I have the shop page page pointing to http://www.rockfordartdeli.com/deli-case/ which is my shop page. Does the default template page go to product archives instead of a normal template? Did i miss a step into making this function properly? Thanks,
  3. Hi there I'm having a real problem with the resolution of product thumbnails and product images. I've tried using Jigo Shop (for pagelines) and Woocommerce (for pagelines) and have come across the same problem. Basically I upload an image to wordpress (with good resolution and reasonable size), I then create a product and attach the image to the product through the featured image button. When I then look at the site the thumbnail image for this product is really bad resolution compared to the original and the product image on the product page is barely any better. When I enlarge the image it is good resolution but when I then close it you can visibly see the resolution getting worse. I'm creating a site for someone that is used to the thumbnail quality on etsy (which is amazing) so this is a real problem. The site is www.mabetty.com and if you click on the clothes category you can see the product. I haven't done any work on the site yet until I've resolved this - hence it's pretty basic. As a comparison if you go to http://www.etsy.com/uk/shop/Alicecarolinesupply?section_id=6373289 and scroll down you can see the same product and the quality of the thumbnail. I've searched in vain for solutions and am getting to the point of using a different platform like Shopify but really want to avoid the cost and transaction fees. Can anyone help me with this? Thanks.
  4. Hi Folks I am having some problems with WooCommerce plug in and would appreciate some input for the community. I installed said plugin and as expected it create the various additional pages. These are now appearing the in the Nav element of the site, however I would prefer that the not particularly cart and checkout. Is there any way of removing these? I am hoping to use a plug in called woocommerce menu cart in the bar as an alternative but this requires a nav menu to be defined. I have tried defining a new menu for my primary navigation but none of the primary nav appeared on the nav bar (the menu items under What we do did appear)! (see image) The site is not live yet, however I am using the latest build of Framework, Wordpress and all plugins. For the purposes of testing I have the BrandNav AND the NavBar temporally added to the headed.
  5. Xampp warning error

    Hi, I've moved my site onto Xampp to develop locally. I have two problems that don't exist when I change to Twenty Twelve Theme or on the live site. I'm using Wordpress 3.5.1 & Pagelines 2.4.1 & Woocommerce 2.0.3. I'm getting a Warning message on the product page and the product page isn't styling properly. See attached. Other pages on the site are still styled correctly. Thanks
  6. Woocommerce Help.

    WooCommerce has been acting up a bit on my site. I installed it a few weeks ago and everything was running a-okay, but now the checkout and my account pages are breaking/not loading everything. For example, the checkout page will not display the credit card fill-ins or even my site footer. The WooCommerce system status section of the plugin red flags me for this: /var/lib/php/session does not exist - contact your host to resolve the problem. I've contacted my host (Media Temple) and they told me to go here and follow these steps: kb.mediatemple.net/questions/514#dv_40 I did, but I end up getting an error (E486: Pattern not found: usr) after step two. I contacted them (MT) a second time and they said everything was okay. Is there anyone from the Pagelines community that can help me with this? Does anyone have any ideas or pointers for possible fixes and or plugins that might be affecting the WooCommerce plugin itself? It's been acting kind of weird...at one point W3 Total Cache was disrupting a few pages, so I tinkered and fixed that, and then the problems just sort of arose a few days later again, despite trying to re-tinker and disabling the plugin altogether. Any help would be greatly appreciated. -Pete
  7. hi there, I just installed and activated the WooCommerce plugin on my pagelines framework, and I can only see one reference to it in the global setting, cannot see "products". any suggestions