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  1. New full width sidebar

    Is it possible to create a new full width sidebar that I can use only for a specific page? I only see the one universal full width sidebar available.
  2. I'm trying to add a span tag around a widget title, but I can't find where Pagelines is generating the code around widget titles. In what file might I find that? Changing the php in the actual widget's files doesn't have any effect so I'm assuming pagelines is overriding it somewhere. Example: The current code is... <h3 class="widget-title">FEATURED PROPERTIES</h3> I need it to be... <h3 class="widget-title"><span>FEATURED PROPERTIES</span></h3>
  3. Hi Guys, Please can you help me with an error. I recently updated wordpress and now within the control panel, tags, widgets and text editor, are all not working.. Please see my short screencast video. http://www.screencast.com/t/bhdknGmd (I'm using the latest version of platform pro) Really appreciate your help in advance! Cheers, Steve
  4. I just upgraded to 2.4.1 and my Widgets admin is whacky. No sidebar display. No place to drag widgets to. Any thoughts?
  5. I've used the universal sidebar in other sites with a single image or text widget without problem. On a new site - www.usvihotelreservations.com I'm trying to use three images - each with their own navigation in the universal sidebar. However, they stack vertically - when I want them to stack horizontally. I've tried putting all three in one widget and now split them into three text widgets with html and no difference other than now they stack on top of each other. I've tried using Firefox/firebug to change the CSS and nothing I try helps. Am I missing something in the CSS or is this not possible with this sidebar? I thought I'd ask the experts before I go completely crazy trying different css combinations. Thanks! Rick
  6. Widgets

    Pagelines > Frameworks 2.4 > sidebars My site: www.scottfarmer.co I would like to have many more options for different sidebars on my site than pagelines/Wordpress typically allows. Currently, I see: Primary Sidebar Secondary Sidebar Tertiary Sidebar Universal Sidebar Full width Sidebar Content Sidebar Morefoot Left Morefoot Middle Morefoot Right and Footer columns sidebar Question: What if I wanted different versions of these sidebars to choose from? Can I create multiple choices for secondary sidebar for instance? So, when I get to a specific page, I can choose to display a specific "secondary sidebar?" Thank you, Scott
  7. CSS for Widgets

    I'm creating a site for a church. For the weekly sermon management, I'm using a special plugin that also creates widgets. On the home page of http://cpcfs.net the widget on the right displays horrible css for the widget, emphasizing the wrong headings, etc. I've looked in Firebug but seems to point to a dynamically created CSS file? I need to style the widget better and just don't know how. The word "from" is huge in relation to the other elements of the widget. Need to change its H4 designation to something else. Help please! Thanks.
  8. I would like to be able to add borders around things like the content area and sidebar widgets. Not a big border but borders around each specific widget or box. It really makes the design look cleaner and I would like to know how to do this?
  9. Widgets are duplicating

    Hi. I've added some widgets to the Primary Sidebar. All are just standard widgets lie pages, categories, etc.- nothing funky. I get a duplicate of the same widgets right below the first ones. Setting? Bug? Thanks.
  10. Hello. I just updated to the most recent version of Pagelines Framework and ever since the update I am seeing these small black dots in the upper left hand corner of my widgets. I tried using the CSS code: .widget { list-style: none; } but it did not work. Can you please help? Roxann
  11. Widgets Frozen

    Wordpress version 3.5 Pagelines version 2.3.8 After upgrading, the Widgets page is completely frozen. I cannot open tabs (the Primary sidebar tab stays open, cannot close or open tabs within it), cannot click and drag from Available Widgets, cannot edit. Nothing. It is essentially frozen. When I rollover the tabs I do get the hand tool although. (No, I am not trying to navigate on a screenshot.) Attached is the widget page as is, I cannot change the state of how it looks from here. I tried in Firefox, Safari, and Chrome. Same. But, all of the widgets are active and working properly on the website itself. So they haven't been deleted or messed up. All other areas of the site are working, including Menus (drag, drop, edit). Perhaps with the new Wordpress 3.5, Pagelines may need to adjust to the new widget features?
  12. The 'Recent Posts' widget uses an unordered list to show X number of recent posts. I'd like the list to be bulleted but can't seem to get it right. I've added this to style.css (adding it to the Custom Code section didn't do anything at all): .widget_recent_entries.widget ul{ text-indent: 5px; list-style-type: square; } The text-indent works perfectly, but I can't get the bullets to show up. Any ideas? Thanks, Jeff
  13. widgets in boxes

    is it possible to have a widget as one of the boxes under the slider on my static home page? i have a square shaped widget from topspin that's an email for media widget. it would work perfectly as one of the 3 boxes under the slider, but i can't figure out how to get the code in there as there's only options to upload an image and link for the boxes..
  14. Hi All, This url http://www.paaudiovisual.co.uk/ Has areas on the home page with clickable links as icons or HMTL boxes. How do I do that on this site using 2.3 http://johnnbroome.co.uk. Also, Does 2.3 have custome.php? Cheers John
  15. Disable default widgets

    I'm using a child theme based on base theme. Is it possible to disable the default widgets completely? Here's the problem: I've encountered some errors / conflicts with widgets. I presume it's a plugin problem. I'm trying to tack down the conflict. Some of the widgets I've set up have occasionally disappeared. That's a small annoyance. It's a big annoyance because when they disappear, the default widgets show up in their place.
  16. Adding Space Between Widgets

    I'd like to add some white space between the sidebar widgets to make it less cluttered. I thought I did it right but nothing changed. Where in the CSS should I change it or is there some code I can put into the Custom CSS area?