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  1. I am using WHP 3.0.1 and noticed recently that the Previous Entries link no longer works on the blog, on search results, or any other listing of posts or pages. I tried recommended fixes below but none of them worked: 1) Re-saved the permalinks 2) De-activated ALL plugins (the Previous Entries link didn't work even with every single plugin deactivated all at once) 3) Upgraded to 3.1.5 I also tried the WP-PageNav plugin with disastrous results ... it locked me out of everything and I believe it is incompatible with WHP. For now, I decided go back to WHP 3.0.1 until I can figure out first things first. Do you have any suggestions for what else I could do now? Thank you.
  2. I have WhiteHousePro 3.0.1 and over time I've added several enhancements and modifications to the CSS file, by editing the style.css file in the Edit Themes section under the Appearance heading. If I upgrade to WHP 3.1.5, can I just copy the contents of the old style.css file and paste them over the the entire contents of the new style.css file? In other words, is there anything in the new CSS that needs to remain? Or, is it better to take those enhancements and modifications and add them to the CSS Rules box in the Custom CSS section in the Custom Code section under Theme Options? Thank you.