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  1. Masthead Video

    I cannot find a way to get this video: http://vimeo.com/66286070   To autoplay at 100% in the Masthead.   Please assist.   Thank you.    
  2. OK, so no matter what I do the "first video" in TwinShot always defaults to the vimeo player even if it is clearly a youtube video. I have tried it with the "main_video_id" set as well as not set (should default to the first video in the list). Everything work great as long as the first video in the list is actually a Vimeo video. If it is a YouTube video, it will launch the Vimeo player and error out (because vimeo knows not what to do with a Youtube vid). Any ideas??
  3. I love the options in your framework - great variety - great tools. I have one suggestion that would really take it through the roof. Please adjust one of your slideshows (quickslider, features etc.) to play videos and responsively stop when the video is played. Right now, quickslider stops with interaction but won't play videos; and features plays videos but won't stop with interaction. I would really love this feature. Pretty please, -James
  4. Vimeo embeds look too small on my site http://www.nwrafting.com. I tried using the old embed code and although the video is larger it still has formatting issues and isn't the full size of the available frame no matter how big I set the height and width. I've looked through several forum posts and nothing works for meAny other ideas? Or could someone at Pagelines look at fixing this so we can embed Vimeo videos in the features. A screenshot is attached. Thanks!
  5. Vimeo Social Icon

    Hey Pagelines People, A small tweak I'd love to suggest for a future version of Pagelines is adding a Vimeo social icon option (in addition to YouTube). Many of us, especially in the non-profit community are using Vimeo - and I'm sure loads of other Pageliners are as well. just a thought, Jacob
  6. Whilst PL responsive video shortcode works fine in either features (added in "Feature Media Feature HTML") or posts for the Vimeo type, the Youtube type shortcode (e.g. [pl_video type="youtube" id="hJaNH56Vpg-A"]) displays an empty Youtube viewer (i.e. no video available) in my slider. Do I miss something here or is it a bug ?