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  1. Learning CSS

    Hi to everyone,   I was wondering if some of you could please reccommend a good book (maybe even videos) on learning CSS. I am aware of W3C Shools but I was also looking into a small investment in buying a book which would be useful for someone like me who has little experience in CSS and HTML.   I have been using CSS for about 2>3 months but I am at a basic level. I can style elements but there is obviously a lot to learn. I am a designer but I have little experience in web design. However this is something I would like to learn more about as some of my clients are often asking if I can build and design websites.   Thanks for any help with this!   Kind regards,   James
  2. I did not have any problem with TwinShot until tonight when I changed the YouTube videos I had there. The new videos do not load.