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  1. Hi.   The video background can only show the video as a full-width/hight video (all over the page). Is it possible to show the video in just one "Section Area"?   This would be great.    Robert
  2. Hi! After the latest PageLines update the videobackground only playes sound and are not displaying the videos. I have tested 4 sites now with there same result. Don´t know if it is related but fact remains. Video are not displaying. Thanks Peter!
  3. hi. I have a video background in my site but its not the whole page, its just the center section. example: http://thisisthenothing.com/ is that how it usually works? is there a instruction doc? otherwise, very cool section. thanks,
  4. Yesterday, I paied for the section of Video Background, but still I can not find the download file or any link. How can i update the section to my website?
  5. Does this section work on Ipad. It seems not to. Pity I would like to buy it. Thanks.