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  1. Hi,   I use the PL color variable @pl-base in my custom LESS, so that some customizations (e.g. PL or personal LESS mixins) immediately take in account any change in global settings.   This @pl-base variable is described as "Page background color" in documentation http://support.pagelines.me/docs/miscellaneous/less/: actually, it seems to me it's the "Content Background" color defined in Site Options \ Color Control.   If they exist (I never managed to find them in documentation, including the "PHP Cross Reference of PageLines Framework"), what are the PL LESS variables referring to "Body background" color and (real) "Page background" color?   I most certainly miss something considering there are variables for all other colors defined in Site Options (e.g. @pl-text, @pl-header,...).   Many thanks in advance!