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  1. Hi, after a long time i've eventually decided to upgrade to dms from pagelines. I've followed the "upgrading and migrating instructions", after i uploaded dms and activated it, the web site is now completely blanck. I cannot even access wordpress dashboard. My web site is www.acutimpianti.it Can  someone help me? Thank you  
  2. Hi guys,   as I already told you on twitter I get stuck upgrading to DMS on my site.   It's my second try.   Yesterday I've tried on a demo site and I have the same problem but I thought it was about you being hacked and dms not able to "talk" to the store.   Today I start with a full wipe of the database and all was smooth.   So I decide to upgrade my personal website. Actually it's empty but I need to make it work soon cause my clients need some reference on my latest work.   Anyway I get stuck. DMS toolbar is showing on the frontend but clickin on it makes nothing at all. I disabled all widgets and plugins and function.php is empty since it comes with dms.   I create a user account for you if you want to check by yourselves. If someone of dev/support team give me his contact I can send you a PM. The site is http://studio4nea.it   I've done what you (from [email protected]) suggested ("renaming the plugin folder") but unfortunately have no success on this. I also have tried to remove the old pagelines directory and child theme but even with this I have no luck. As you noticed (from [email protected]) there is a youtube error shown by developer tools of chrome but I think it's something with dms itself.   The other site I've already upgraded (http://demo.studio4nea.it/test/ ) is still showing the same error but dms is working! Although if you try to change theme to i.e. twenty-twelve error disappear.   Hope you can help me because I really need to upgrade other clients website and I absolutely cannot wipe their database out! Best regards   Carloalberto Fornea
  3. Hello Pagelines team! I'm having a developer license of the pagelines framework, (+200e) and I want to know if there is a DMS Pro license for the ones we had paid for an advanced framework. Now, when i acces to my account in the new pagelines web, i see that i have no suscriptions going on. So the thing is that actually if been downgraded, because i can use only the basic free DMS version, as every one out there, and i'm supposed to have better settings after my payment.    Hope you can help me.    Thanks, Dihue,
  4. 2.2 to 2.4 upgrade problem

    Please help. I just upgraded my website to PageLines 2.4 and now it looks like crap. I want it to visually be back the way it was. Can I downgrade to the previous setup? Can I somehow use the new PageLines to make it look simple and great again? When I contact PageLines' Contact Us page I received the following: "...There is a PHP-related issue that occurred during the upgrade (and there is a fix that can be implemented to bring your site back to normal)..." What is this fix that they're referring to? I've attached a screenshot of what the site looked like in its former glory.
  5. Hi, I'm about to upgrade from Platform Pro to Framework, but noticed it's given me two options - Pagelines Framework Professional and Pagelines Framework Professional - Standalone. Just wondering what the difference is? Thank you. Kellie
  6. Hi I own www.maioraasset.com, which currently runs on PlatformPro. Given this theme is discontinued, and with PageLines recommending everyone to upgrade to Framework - will I have to do much to maintain the same look as I currently have? i.e. do I have to redo all the settings, re-upload all documents and images, etc? Or is it simply a matter of installing the new theme and status quo is maintained? Appreciate your help Nick
  7. I have been battling this upgrade for 2 hours. Each time I attempt to do it, Pagelines breaks. Rather the default theme breaks. It appears as if the new theme uploads. Then the upgrader deletes the old theme.... and the world comes crashing down. I am trying to update the framework prior to upgrading WP to the latest release. Any and all suggestions for resoloution will be appreciated. The site is restored to the old version @ http://goo.gl/JV1IX
  8. I have been trying to get help on this issue since last week. Nobody seems to look at older threads So I am posting it again. Here is my original post: http://goo.gl/ZjO8K I have upgrade a client site from PL 2.1.6 to 2.3.8 (running WP V3.5). The Feature slider has stopped working. I have checked all of my settings and I cannot see why it is no longer working. When I look in FireBug I can see things cycling. But yet no images appear. My Features and associated Feature set are intact.... Here is the site: http://goo.gl/JV1IX I am hoping that it is something silly I am missing.
  9. Doing an upgrade on another site. The upgrade works but my custom CSS seems to be affected. Checkout the attached. Note the widget titles. There are probably other CSS glitches.... I have reverted back to the original version of the site: http://goo.gl/9xWZe
  10. I know.. I know... Why haven't I upgraded my Framework sooner? I guess because I didn't feel the need to.... That being said, are there any issue with doing a big jump like this? Or is it just a matter of backing up, clicking & praying? BTW, I am on WP V3.4 (upgrading to 3.5 later this week). Simon? Jenny? Catrina? Rob? Bueller?
  11. I have installed both PageLines Framework - Professional Edition and iBlog Pro 5. But when I activate iBlog Pro 5, it ruins my site. I have iBlog Pro 4 today. What am I doing wrong? Is there a demo on this out there? Regards, Benny
  12. Hi everybody. I'm considering to upgrade as in the topic title. Currently I've no need to upgrade really...my demo site is going fine...but each new release would take some improvement or it may solve some security problem... so sooner or later I'll need to upgrade. My hosting provider is Hostgator. Do you have some suggestion or feedback about upgrading?...it's worth?...how 2.3.5 will work with wp 3.4.2? Thank you
  13. After upgrading the Pageslines framework from 2.3 to 2.3.2 all our parallax sliders are down. We are using these to present the main content on the website. The rest of the content is unaffected, only the sliders. Please advise as to what changes to make in the new LESS framework or any other recommended action. thx,
  14. Hi all, Since updating from 2.2.5 to 2.3 my social icons have jumped from the right to the left side in the footer on my website http://www.janpeeters.nl. I'm sorry but I haven't got a screenshot of the 2.2.5 version but let me explain. On the left of the footer is the text '© 2012 Jan Peeters, Energiek Leren' aligned to the right were the social icons that are now below the mentioned text. I've not been able to restore this. Hopefully someone can help. I presume it has to do with the full transition to LESS. My custom CSS file I have copied to your paste service: http://paste.pagelines.com/2ed Thanks, Jan
  15. I installed a brand new WP site and installed Pagelines Framework 2.1. After installing everything worked properly. I clicked to upgrade to 2.3 and as soon as the update began, the entire site crashed and gave me the following errors: (remember, this site is brand new with almost no plugins and minimal content) See http://divorcehelper.net/ Thank you
  16. I have WhiteHousePro 3.0.1 and over time I've added several enhancements and modifications to the CSS file, by editing the style.css file in the Edit Themes section under the Appearance heading. If I upgrade to WHP 3.1.5, can I just copy the contents of the old style.css file and paste them over the the entire contents of the new style.css file? In other words, is there anything in the new CSS that needs to remain? Or, is it better to take those enhancements and modifications and add them to the CSS Rules box in the Custom CSS section in the Custom Code section under Theme Options? Thank you.