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  1. Hi I have been using Platform Pro to run a website with 4 boxes on the front page, link to the old site here: http://web.archive.org/web/20130120053912/http://www.globalwaterforum.org/ I just updated to Pagelines and the formatting of the boxes has changed, link to the new formatting: http://www.globalwaterforum.org Can someone help please, Thanks Chris
  2. Fatal error with less.plugin.php

    I was updating a plugin on my site "all in one calendar" and I started to received all kinds of fatal errors. I deleted the plugin off of my directory but I am still getting errors. I tried deleting and re uploading the less.plugin.php but I am still getting yet another error. My current error is Fatal error: Call to undefined method lessc::compile() in /home/content/21/8282021/html/wordpress/wp-content/themes/pagelines/includes/less.functions.php on line 101