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  1. Hello Evan,   I purchased PageLess for Frameworks, and my plugin does not seem to work for DMS...   Do I need to re-purchase this again? As my sections / plugins are not showing anywhere and there does not seem to be an update in the plugin section of WP..   Please advise..   Thank you    
  2. I am attempting to write a custom function to send the header and footer areas of the the pages to a .net web service anytime the content of the header or footer area is updated. I have worked out the WordPress action hook for when the menus are updated, add_action( 'wp_update_nav_menu', 'write_html' );, but I need to also call my function when the header or footer sections are updated via pagelines. We have custom sections that are being used for the header and footer areas. I have looked through the Action hooks here: http://api.pagelines.com/hooks and watched the hook tutorial here: http://www.pagelines.com/docs/base-child-theme The video is talking more about Filters than Actions (using WordPress terminology) and the list of Actions in the api page doesn't show anything that might relate to updating a specific section. So I have 2 questions: 1. Is there a pre-exisiting Action hook for when a custom section's site wide settings are updated such as through PageLines > Page Options and selecting the section? 2. If not, how can a custom Action hook be added to a section's update?
  3. Update concern

    I need to update PageLines to 2.3.2 but I'm concerned that my theme will be reverted back to the original. I'm using the standard PageLines theme and all customisation has been done through the "Site options" menu via the PageLines tab. Will changes to fonts, colours etc be lost when I update? I also need to update to WordPress 3.4.2. Can I expect any major effects on my PageLines set up? Is there anything I should do other than what WordPress recommends - http://codex.wordpress.org/Updating_WordPress Thank you.
  4. I was wandering what triggers updates in the store (as well in the WP install). I upgraded Jigoshop on my local server, and the site went crazy. So I went back to previous version. Then I went in to the store and found an update for Jigo integration. Went back and upgraded jigo to 1.4 and it worked. Fine! Then I went to my live site and there is no update available for jigo integration in the store. Is this a random thing. I tried to refresh and empty cashe and so on. But nothing hapens. So now I cant update the live site. I am just curious. Thanks Peter
  5. When there is an update to the Pagelines Framework, it displays a message in wordpress for every level above subscriber. Is there a way to only display it to administrators or to a defined security level so that authors and editors don't see the message at all? Thanks