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  1. Features and Plugins Not Working

    Hello, Several of my sites are designed with Pagelines and they all seem to be having the same problem. Features and jquery plugins are not working correctly. I started by updating pagelines and then deactivating all of my plugins, but neither helped. I also tried to completely remove all plugins on one site, and still it did not help. Website urls are www.kimberlyhaines.com, www.cateringbyseasons.com, and www.laprimafoodgroup.com. In all of the sites, the features do not rotate, they are just stacked on top of one another. All of these sites are also on separate servers, so I do not know what could be the problem. Please respond asap. Thank you! -Kim
  2. I have recently re-CSS'd my site to be more responsive. I have also been messing with stylized features that I could add to the site to make it a bit more appealing. I have 3 boxes underneath the quickslider of my site used as sub navigation. they are RESCUE, RECOVERY, and RESTORATION. Originally these were red, green and blue (in the same order). This was done with CSS to color them and make them larger than normal "a" links. I removed the code with command+X and inputed new code in to try a different effect. It wasn't working. I then deleted the new code and hit command+V to paste back in the old code. it didn't take. Now I can't get the box titles to respond at all to any code. I check the title with "Inspect Element" in Chrome and the CSS doesn't even show up as incorrect or not taken in the CSS panel. It just isn't there. I have correctly opened and closed the CSS commands but still nothing. Here is the CSS I originally used div#fbox_3285.fbox h3 { font-size:36px; color:#b7001f; } div#fbox_3283.fbox h3 { font-size:36px; color:#506e1f; } div#fbox_3281.fbox h3 { font-size:36px; color:#032e55; } I already tried adding a more specific tag to the div by adding ".fboxtitle" before "h3" and that didn't work either. Please help! http://www.ugmspokane.org -James
  3. We are getting the following errors on our website when viewing it in IE7: "Stop Running This Script? A script on this page is causing Internet Explorer to run slowly. If it continues to run, your computer might become unresponsive. Yes / No" The two pages we notice the error on most are: home.primesourcesystems.com/directory home.primesourcesystems.com/fyi-archive Our main sites have pages that are similar, but they don't seem to have this same problem. Are we doing something wrong? PLEASE NOTE: These links are to pages on our intranet site, We have only enabled public access to them untill we can get this problem solved. Then we will be restricting access to only the people in our home office and to registered users and admins.