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  1. Hello,    I am unable to get the UberMenu plugin to display in the Primary Website Navigation of my site.   I have integrated UberMenu successfully with other projects, but this is the first time I am unable to get the menu to appear on the primary navigation of an iBlogPro5 theme. The menu will appear in the footer when I choose the Simple Nav option, but that's not where I need/want it to appear. I am leaving the Simple Nav option checked, so you can see how it appears on the website: www.farms.uy   I've already contacted the plugin developer who sent me a link to an unrelated UberMenu here on the Pagelines forum. He also said, "I'm not familiar enough with the Pagelines-specific terminology to understand exactly what is going on." He then offered to "write up some integration instructions specific to the theme."   I'm wondering if I need to deactivate any of the navigation options under the Core Framework menu. If so, which ones? Any advice or recommendations that Pagelines could offer to me or the developer offering to write up some integration instructions would be appreciated.    Thank you,    Patrick  URL: farms.uy WordPress Version: 3.5.2 Theme: iBlogPro5 with 8 widgets
  2. Hello, I´m using the ubermenu in Nav Classic Section which is working so far. Nonetheless the width of the menu still isn´t 100%. The plugin developer said that the container only is 760px. http://www.natur-coaching.eu How can I get it to work. I dont need the searchform within the navbar so I put "display: none" in the custom css. Still the navigation appears only 3/4 of the full width. Thanks a lot in advance, patrick
  3. I have a very small change to make: changing the main_nav class to main_nav_anythingelse. The existing name is adding residual styling to Ubermenu and causing it to scale improperly when the window gets narrow (smartphone), so it needs to be changed. I'm already using a child theme (Base Theme), so I assume that the altered code goes somewhere there, but I'm not sure where, or if there's a better way to do it. I should also say, that when I alter it right in the nav/section.php file, it does what I want it to do, but I obviously don't want to be making that change right in the theme files. Thanks, jt