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  1. Hi There I have tried using cufon for the first time and I thought I had it sorted as it was displaying fine on the desktop I set it up on, but when I check my laptop it was not the correct font. I have checked the Use Cufon font replacement? option in the typography PL section and entered this as the URL: https://linuxplesk16.openhost.net.nz:8443/plesk/[email protected]/dom I placed the Javascript file in the theme folder under this path from my site host: stimulusdesigns.co.nz / httpdocs / wp-content / themes / pagelines / js my site: http://stimulusdesigns.co.nz/?page_id=23 navbar font should look like the attachment Any clues on what is going wrong here? Thanks very much for your help
  2. I upgraded ambitioninsight.com to the latest version of Pagelines Framework and suddenly my dropdown nav items no longer work, and my font choice "droid sans" no longer shows the correct font. Other fonts still work. I verified Droid Sans and Allow DropDown Nav menus are both selected from within the admin panel. Please help, thanks Did nothing more than upgrade to latest version of PL Framework
  3. My art designer provided me with a font for my website and I have tried using cufon but the font does not render well. I have also tried the font-face through Css and it still did not work too well. - Is there a way of integrating a custom font into the Pagelines child themes? Thanks
  4. I'd like to add a font that is NOT a Google font and I'm not sure how. This one, in particular: http://www.dafont.com/underwood1913.font I've read things about Cufont not working well so I don't want to use it unless you can tell me how to use it without it causing problems. Any pointers?? Thanks and happy new year to all! Carina
  5. Hi, What are the available selectors and how are we supposed to use them here, that is in the site options ? Said differently, are these additionnal selectors a way to customize site fonts, aside from / overriding my custom CSS, and if so how ? For instance, is this a way to adjust the settings of "primary font" for plain post text versus keywords ? I did'nt find any documentation or forum topics pertaining specifically this . Thx in advance !
  6. Blog Title Text Size

    I have no idea why I can't get this to work. I simply want to decrease the blog's titles. Is there something I'm missing? my css: h2.entry-title {font-size: 18px;} I have put this in a custom stylesheet and the advanced tab but can't get anything. If i set display:none, that works, but I can't target anything else. here is the site: http://haitibabi.org/blog/