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  1. Hi, I'm having issues saving any changes I make to the Typography and Colour Controls in the Global Settings. I'll make the change I want and hit 'Save Options' but the "Saving..." graphic won't stop, well, saving! And when I refresh a page to see if the changes have indeed been saved, nothing has changed.   I'm quite new to Wordpress and Pagelines, so any advice is welcome :)   Thanks!
  2. I have a section of a site that is set up to have a 6 column grid using the span2 class. When I resize the browser window, the span2's respond and resize, but the h2's within them stay the same font size, which eventually forces them to overlap. Why isn't the font resizing with the columns/ How can I make the text resize? The h2 styling is currently being applied via a .less file with the following code: h2: @baseFontSize * 1.9; @baseFontSize: 20px; You can check it out at: http://varsity.wpengine.com/what-we-do/ It's the numbered section at the top of the page. Thanks in advance!
  3. Type phasing in Features

    It seems that the type when reversed out of a transparent background has some kind of phasing issue so it changes during the timeout period - in other words one layer of type does not fit cleanly on top of the other... it first appears slightly out of focus and then refocusses. Can't show you site because it is hiding from the world right now but perhaps someone else had this issue - can't find a post on it.
  4. Hi, I am tearing my hair out over this odd problem - my navbar looks very jagged in Internet Explorer 9 (on Windows 7 I believe). Type elsewhere looks fine. See screenshot here: Any clue why?