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  1. I have adapted the existing Twitter widget so that it can display the newer Twitter badges available here: http://twitter.com/badges I am having a problem with the code. Any help would be appreciated. Here is the contents of the section.php file: http://paste.pagelines.com/6x9 The twitter username and widget ID can be set from the meta panel. Currently the Twitter badge is not displaying for me even though as far as I can tell it should be working. I can't figure out what is wrong. I am very new to Pagelines & PHP so it could be something simple! If we can make it work I plan to offer it up for free at the Pagelines store.
  2. Hey guys how do I change/replace the twitter icon in Station Pro?
  3. Twitter nightmare

    Hi there. I am having real issues with twitter. On my web page http://www.dachadecor.co.uk/about-us/ I am using both the twitter bar, and a Super Widgets plugin that I purchased from the Pagelines store. Neither of them are showing my feed, even though I completely have my account as public in Twitter. I am tearing my hair out. Any help would be much appreciated. Rudi
  4. Hi, I have integrated Twitters embedded eimlines with API V1.1 in my website http://www.commonsense.ch (PageLines-Framework). The embedded timeline works with IE, but it doesn't work with Chrome and Firefox. Any suggestions are welcome. thx
  5. Hello everyone, I know whitehouse is deprecated...but if there's someone who could help that would be great. I have setup a twitter account reference in GLOBAL OPTIONS and in the location where it would display the twitter feed, it shows "NO PUBLIC TWITTER MESSAGES" ...this is not the case as the account is PUBLIC and I've just posted a new tweet to it...how can I troubleshoot this? Thanks john
  6. I am using the Citi Theme and have spent several hours trying to figure out how I can get rid of the Twitter bar in one of the sections. It looks like the ordinary bar -- the message: "Set your Twitter account name under Site Options--->Header/Footer." The twitter bar is NOT in the footer or morefoot. I also haven't used any Twitter account. The answers I could find on the forums mostly suggested to go in these directions. Any other ideas how to get rid of the Twitter Bar?
  7. May I have some assistance with the Sharebar and auto-shortening the site URL that appears in the Twitter Balloon when someone wants to share via Twitter? Thanks, Cody
  8. Tweet Db To Boxes?

    Heya, I am hoping to find a tool (I am a non-coder) to make use (searchable, accessible) of my 3000+ tweets, all relevant, on my 'about' pages (blog): I have tried many plug-ins (none worked) to do the following: 1. Import ALL tweets (i.e., NOT # tag filtered etc) 2. Accessible db of tweets +Either 1. Make posts of the tweets ...but flexible (partial) posts so that can show either title or post content + have live tweet links ---> from this I can build a page that shows the latest tweets and also provide search to access all relevant tweets as per key words as search results. OR 2. Even better would be to have the tweets as searchable 'elements' brought to the reader in something like the boxes, with live links 3. And to have a page of the latest tweets showing in boxes as a starting point before going for the search that would be also very good. Is there a way in the Pagelines portfolio of tools that allows to do this? I've been looking for a total of about 2 weeks and tested lots of things. dj
  9. There appears to be an issue with my twitter bar not loading the twitter icon. In pingdom I get the following warning - "Warning - The request got a 4XX, 5XX response or couldn’t be loaded" http://www.hibbslupustrust.org Any ideas why the .png isn't loading? I can see it in my wp files via ftp although the direct link doesn't work. (https://www.hibbslupustrust.org/wp-content/themes/pagelines/sections/twitterbar/twitter-balloon.png) Thanks! John
  10. Twitter Unresponsive...

    Is anyone else having problems with Twitter being unresponsive? I didn't know if it was a Twitter problem or a compatibility issue or what... Is anyone using any plugin's for Twitter that are acting nice?!? lol Eileen
  11. Hello. The site I am currently building, www.dev.chatham.bladv.com is using the Twitter Bar Section found in the Pagelines Store. (The section is at the bottom of each page) For the most part, I cannot get the section to display tweets. If I remove the section and add it back in, it will sometimes work. However, when the section displays a tweet, it refused to update. It will continually show the same tweet until I remove the section and add it back in. I have used this section on another site I am building, www.dev.rmia.bladv.com and it works just fine. Does anyone have ANY ideas why this isn't working? I have tried turning off all WP plugins and it still doesn't work correctly. Also, I have tried using the standard Pagelines twitter feed and it doesn't seem to work correctly either. Thanks so much.
  12. Twitter Plugin Recommendation

    Can anybody recommend a twitter feed plugin (widget) that works good and is relatively simple...perhaps has a little customization. I just can't find anything that are worth a hill of beans. Eileen
  13. Is there any way to configure the settings for the "Author Plus" without having to define credentials in each post for "Author Plus Social Network Profiles", Heading, Subtext and Author Plus Image? Apologies for my mistakes nonsense writing, I confess that my English is very bad! : ( I live in Brazil. I'm using Pagelines - Version 2.2.5. Thank you!