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  1. Twin Shot

    I have just upgraded to DMS after reading the documentation thinking that Twinshot as mentioned would be perfect for displaying videos.  I cannot find this section/plugin anywhere? Please advise.   http://docs.pagelines.com/tutorials/using-sections     
  2. Website URL: http://www.jacmus.com Framework Version: V2.4.1 Pro WordPress Version: WordPress 3.5.1 Plugins in Use: I have deactivated all of them and still no change Server/Host: Certified Hosting. Details: I've just started using twin shot and want it to appear on my main page. Its appearing, but when I use Chrome, the selections of the videos are on the left with no scroll bar so at the moment with only 3 videos, the 3rd one disappears and when I look at in Firefox the selection of videos its at the bottom of the video. I am using the latest version of chrome and firefox. I did have an issue earlier where the javascript seemed to have an issue and i had my hubby check it at his work and he had the same issue. But this has begun working. (I think it was a server provider issue for our internet as they use Telstra there too.
  3. Good Afternoon. I am wondering if anyone can help assist me with the TwinShot section I installed on my site - pastamore.co.uk - earlier on (gallery section). At the moment there is a superfluous abundance of space underneath the section. I tried shortening it in Firebug and it seemed to work, but all that was available to copy and paste into the custom CSS area was 'element.style height: 58px;}', which I knew wouldn't work. I tried to use the Firebug information and came up with some alternatives based around: #twin-shot .pl-flicklisting-wrap .span4 .mCustomScrollbar _mCS_1 {height: 56px;} It doesn't work, and plus also as well too I preempt problems when I want to add further videos, and therefore need the space under the section to fluctuate. Any help would be a Godsend. Many thanks. Rudi.
  4. OK, so no matter what I do the "first video" in TwinShot always defaults to the vimeo player even if it is clearly a youtube video. I have tried it with the "main_video_id" set as well as not set (should default to the first video in the list). Everything work great as long as the first video in the list is actually a Vimeo video. If it is a YouTube video, it will launch the Vimeo player and error out (because vimeo knows not what to do with a Youtube vid). Any ideas??
  5. Hello! I just bought TABBER and TWINSHOT, my goal is to build a membership area for a video-course. This is the site http://member.entschluesselt.com/member-area (work in progress...) But for now, I have 2 *unresolvable* problems: 1) the (test-)videos do not load correctly (tried with chrome, firefox, safari. somtimes ist works but mostly not) (to test I made 3 different Twinshot gallerys on the first 3 Tabs: member area/ Start / Modul 1) 2) even though I put a DIFFERENT Twinshot gallery on every Tab (at least on the first 3 tabs to test....) when I swich between the Tabs the Twinshot gallery stays just the same! (instead I sould see a different TwinShot gallery on each Tab) On the pagelines support a guy looked into the site, and said there might be a js problem, and that I should ask here... I dont have any other plugins installed (its a subdomain of a multisite installation). Can it be that there is a conflict between tabber and twinshot? It would be GREAT if you could find out! If there is a solution, Tabber + TwinShot would make an AWESOME member area !!!!!!!! Hoping for your response greetings from Italy Julius
  6. Twin Shot - Playlist

    Hi! IN the description for twinshot, it says I can stream a vimeo playlist. how do i do this. I can't figure this out for the life of me. Also - can I have more than 10 videos?
  7. Twinshot order

    Is there an easy way to reorder videos within Twinshot? I'd like to be able to add a video to the top of the list and then have all the other videos move down one without having to copy the information and then pasting. thanks