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  1. Header Css Selector problem

    Hi there, I have still a problem with the css selectors. Don't know what happend....until last week everything worked fine. I am not a newbiee but i need some help. I disactivated all plugins... Disactivated all absolute positions... My issue is a header with 0.8 opacity and a background image underneath. I just tried to select the header with a red stroke to see what happend... it seems to me inactive at all.... .page-id-16 #header {height:300px;background:#ff0000 !important;border:1px solid red;} What should i do??? I have also the impression that there's is probably server right problem... Thx for your help Corina
  2. Can anyone please tell me how I can make the Nav Bar transparent so it doesn't look so much like the apple website? Thanks
  3. Feature background

    I've been trying to find a way to make the feature background transparent or white on a website. Here's an example of one of the pages: http://drtanyapeters.com/home-page-test/ I'd like the background behind the photo and text to be all white. I've tried using this bit of code I saw in other answers to this question: #site .section-features .fcontent { background: transparent; } But it hasn't done a thing. Running most recent version of Pagelines and WP.
  4. I basically am looking to put a logo with transparent borders above my header section. I would like to lower the white content box so the logo appears over the background.
  5. Dear Support, Since I've updated the PageLines plugin from 1.2.4 to the current version 1.2.5, the Standard NavBar is displayed in some kind of blue gradient in IE9, instead of the configured "Black Transparent (default)". This only happens in IE9, FF15 correctly displays the Standard NavBar. You can compare yourself using IE9 and FF15 going to www.muenchen-webdesign.de, or compare the following image snippets (showing the problem in IE9 on the left and the correct display in FF15 on the right, respectively): In order to check for possible reasons for this issue, I temporarily changed the Standard NavBar theme from "Black Transparent (default)" to some of the other options available through the PageLines admin pages (e.g. "Orange"). But when I did this, the NavBar's are displayed identically on IE9 and FF15, so it seems this issue only occurs with the setting of "Black Transparent (default)". I then switched back to "Black Transparent (default)" - no change, IE9 still displays it incorrectly in that blue gradient, while FF15 still displays it correctly. Additionally I found, that switching to another Standard NavBar theme (Orange, Blue, Light Grey) moves the menue items (text) aprox. 50-100px to the right. In other words, it produces an additional margin space to the left of the first menu item text ("Willkommen", in my case). This doesn't happen with the default of "Black Transparent (default)", interestingly. Again, I emphasize here, that before updating to 1.2.5 everything was fine with the NavBar - so I really assume, that this is some sort of bug introduced with the 1.2.5 code. Can you please fix this problem (bug?) or help me in finding a workaround for this (e.g. by using custom CSS)? Thanks in advance, Franz