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  1. hi,   i need to put the white content background half  transparent, but have the photos on it in solid 100 % . i don´t get it. please help. any costum code i can optimize for me?   http://bachinger-eis.at/   thanks alf
  2. This may not be something that can be solved, but I am hoping it can. I am using Pagelines PlatformPro and working on this blog that I really want to have a page background color with a certain transparency that allows the image on the background to show. And I was shocked to see how it displays in Explorer 8 (thought it would be a problem with Explorer 7, but not 8). The page color simply does not show, and as a consequence it is unreadable. Here is the link to the site: http://travelandpacking.com Is there any "workaround" CSS code for that? Do I have the option of having a CSS rule that applies only when the browser is Explorer 8 to make the page color opaque? Please, if any one of you Genius of the support team can help me with this it will be greatly appreciated. Ruth
  3. Hi Nick, I'm trying to add some transparency to the sticky menu bar as I need to see more of the images. Tried styling a few things in CSS including .texture but that only made the whole page transparent. Any clues on this?
  4. Great work with Pagelines 2.4. I have a small issue with the navbar showing up incorrectly in IE9. You can view the issue at http://relijon.com/sample/template1/ I am using the navbar with a custom menu and style with a transparent background. I had the same issue in earlier version and expected an upgrade to PL2.4 to fix the issue. Thanks for your help!
  5. Hi all! On my current project www.rinteln-aktuell.de the footer area suddenly became transparent (or I switched it on and now I´m too blind to find it) and there´s now way to set that back. The site is password-protected for now, so if one of the moderators would like to help, I will PM him the user and pass data. Please help, Thanks, Igor
  6. Hi! My client loves the transparency child-theme, but would like me to give the ransparent aereas a color, like the attachment. Before I buy the theme, can anyone tell me if that is possible? Thanks! voorbeeld nieuwe site.pdf