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  1. Hello, we are having difficulties translating Pagelies Framework into Swedish, I downloaded the .po and .mo files from the translation project site and they work fine. The problem is that I cannot translate certain strings, most urgently the "By" and "On" strings on the post category page, the "Edit" link string translated fine. It seems as though the By and On strings are not taken from the pagelines .po and .mo files, as I have translated them there using Poedit. http://imgur.com/4oSESl6
  2. As I mentioned in the topic. How to aprove translated phrases in the Pagelines Translation Center. I've translater and modified a lot of phrases in the Polish Translation and it's been few weeks right now and they are still waitng for who ?! The previous one were pretty awfully translated by some childish (I guess) Paweł Chrobak (beefens) who has no idea what 'Features' means and don't know the specifics of Pagelines... I really want to get this done. Please help Your big fan butcher
  3. Translation issues

    Hi forum! I am trying to have the PageLines theme framework translated into Danish. Therefore I have downloaded the current translation from the translations center page. I have also downloaded and activated the PageLines Customize plugin from the PageLines framework. There were no 'languages' folder in that theme, so I've added it (which makes the path /wp-content/plugins/pagelines- customize/languages) I've added the language .po-file which was exported using the site. I've renamed it to 'da_DK.po'. It still doesn't work - what am I doing wrong? (the site isn't very clear on this, unfortunately). I also saw that on the page, where PageLines announced the translation feature (*), there was a suggestion to split translations between front- and back end. How is this done? The progress in the Danish translation is very low and it doesn't make sense to translate the back end, as every Dane speaks English. Furthermore I've added a bunch of translations, but they seem to need to be approved. I have a journalism degree, so my Danish is flawless. Can I somehow approve them? (it doesn't seem like there are a lot of Danes using PageLines - at least there's not a lot using the translation framework). Furthermore, how do I make sure that the translations I have already made (but hasn't been approved yet) are included in the downloaded file? (*) http://www.pagelines.com/translation-localization-center/ Thanks in advance!
  4. Translation - How to?

    Hi! I am trying to get my website ueberlingen2020.de translated. I downloaded the http://www.pagelines.com/store/plugins/pagelines-customize/ Customize Plugin, decompressed it, uploaded it into my plugin-folder, activated it, added a new folder called "languages" and added the translations from your website as de_DE.mo and de_DE.po So those files are in /wp-content/plugins/pagelines-customize/language I am using the framework version: 1.4.3, wordpress 3.5.1 and plug-ins. As you can see, it does not work. A quick fix would be great, thanks! Franz
  5. Hi, I would like to share a translation file for PageLines Framework to Portuguese of Brazil If possible, could replace the translation for this language in Translation Center? This file corrects some errors: the lack of Tags as <br> and <strong> and translation errors and agreement between words The names of sections (Features, Box and Banners) remain unchanged. They are the highlight of PageLines Sections, and the translation don't match the original This translation was done with care to provide comfortable handling, easy and understandable for all There remains some lines, I believe conclude soon. Thanks. -- http://dl.dropbox.com/u/87106012/arquivos-de-traducao/pt_BR.mo http://dl.dropbox.com/u/87106012/arquivos-de-traducao/pt_BR.po
  6. Last week I added dutch translation to my PageLines setup as found in the documentation. Today I wanted to enable the tertiary sidebar on a page but instead of showing the widgets I added to it it kept telling me that there were no widgets selected. After researching the issue together with PL support we found that, oddly, the translation was causing this unexpected behaviour. So for me the temporary workaround is to just use the english version but obviously this is an issue somehow. Hope you guys can find and fix the issue. Thanks! Marijn
  7. I have downloaded the .mo and .po files from the localization center but I'm not sure how to get a translation for Pagelines working. As far as I can find out I can put the .mo file in ~/wp-content/plugins/pagelines-customize/language/ but that doesn't work. Also putting it in the ~/wp-content/themes/pagelines/language/ will not magically translate PageLines. Apparently I'm taking the wrong route. So what is the right way..?
  8. There is a big issue with translating sidebar names. If you translate Primary Sidebar, Secondary Sidbar etc i .mo file then they will disappear. This issue is long present. I thought someone will fix the problem by now but many updates were introduced and this problem still exists. If I remember good I already told someone from the Staff from PL about it month ago...
  9. I just updated Pagelines from 2.3.7 to 2.3.8 and I noticed that the translation has gone. The only four items that are still translated are the one in the admin menu like 'Site options' and 'Drag & Drop' I've translated the theme using the deafault pagelines customize plugin and none of the files inside that folder have been changed. Anyone else iwth this issue and is there a way to resolve it? Thanks!
  10. Translating pagination

    Hello, where can I translate only the 'Previous entries' 'Next entries' buttons? The website: http://www.renate-wernet.com/blog/page/2/ Thanks Daniel
  11. Hi. I need to translate the "Close"-button in the modal pop up but I can't find the hard-coded(?) text. Anyone that know where I can find it? Regards, Mikael
  12. Hi, I've done quite a bit of reading and posting over the last days in this forum and discussed things with the developer of Polylang. So far, things are evolving and I've achieved (in the latest dev build of Polylang) that Polylang correctly translates strings like blogtitle and blog tagline from one language to another. Also posts show up in the right language if properly linked to a language. What remains though is that I've found no way to translate manually added strings (in Framework Site options) like 'Continue Reading…' and 'Posted on [date] by [author]' to another language. Posts like: http://www.pagelines.com/forum/topic/22076-translate-editable-strings-qtranslates-quicktags/page__hl__translate end with the advice to use WPML. I can surely appreciate this advice but WPML is a premium payed plugin and Polylang feels like a great bet to translate your site free of charge. But in some areas it needs refinement. Let me add that it seems a lot lighter in resources I've tested WPML in the past and found it to be slow while Polylang is actually quite fast. But that might be just my observation. I've read the posts that explain how to use POEdit to translate strings. As far as I can understand this is only for fixed strings in the Pagelines Framework (like the 'tagged' string used in the manual by Simon) and it can function as addition to downloading and installing languages from the translation department on this site (http://pagelines.com/translate/projects/pagelines-framework). Please correct me if I'm wrong. So my question is what needs to be added to either Polylang or Framework to be able to enter manually editable strings in various languages. Thanks for any enlightenment. Jan
  13. Hi, I'm using Polylang to translate my originally Dutch site into English. It works mostly very very well. A few strings don't translate however: site tag line and the post metabar. I contacted the developer of Polylang and he told me the following: When he gets to 'This is done by…' I've lost him. So hopefully someone has experience with this and can point me in the right direction. Thanks, Jan www.janpeeters.nl
  14. Hello everyone, I would like to translate the "Load More Posts" Postpin section button into French with the following words: "Afficher plus d'articles". I identify the PHP file to edit (...wp-content/plugins/pagelines-sections/pagelines-postpins/section.php) and the two lines I have to modify: jQuery('.fetchpins a').removeClass('loading').text('<?php _e('Load More Posts', 'pagelines');?>'); $next_url = sprintf('<div class="%s fetchlink" %s><a class="btn" href="%s">%s</a></div>', $class, $display, $u, __('Load More Posts', 'pagelines')); The problem is there is an apostrophe in "Afficher plus d'articles" and of course I need to convert this apostrophe into text. Then I try to insert a backslash just before the apostrophe like this: "Afficher plus d'articles". That way the button displays the French words I want but the Postpin section doesn't work anymore. For sure I miss something. Any help please?