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  1. PageLines Breaks in Transition

    Hi PageLines Staff,   I have put together my new website with PageLines DMS on this staging website: http://kevinpaffrath.staging.wpengine.com/. I finished the staging and went ahead and transitioned it to my live webpage: www.meetkevin.com. The website initially transitioned without a hitch. However, when I logged into Wordpress to edit the page, it crashed into the picture attached.      I noticed that, despite being "Pro," the Pagelines software was scattered everywhere. When I scrolled down, I saw Pagelines sections and images listed, all of the store items were listed, and other text was scattered everywhere throughout the broken page. When I logged out, the problem went away.    Then, I noticed -- in a sea of broken Pagelines text -- that Pagelines didn't recognize me as being "Pro." In an attempt to save my website quickly, I purchased the multi-user license and activated my page. That was a mistake. It made the problem worse. Now, rather than the problem only occurring when I was logged into Wordpress, it was occurring on different computers, on private browsing mode, everywhere. I had to revert back to my old webpage.    So here I am. I have my new DMS Pagelines webpage stuck in staging here and I have my old 2.0 Pagelines webpage. I can't seem to transition them without a blowup.    By the way, I use WPEngine as my host.   Has anyone had this similar problem?   Thanks, Kevin
  2. Hi! I'm adding a jquery file to enable certain page transitions. I'm supposed to wrap all of the content on a page in a div. How do I do that with Pagelines?