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  1. Hello everybody. We are working on this Web: http://beta.visualms.com/ If you put mouse over the first four dotted words, it will shows a "bootstrap tooltips" at the bottom. We want that the tooltips are more width, enough to keep the phrase in one line. We are using this code: <div class="span9" style="padding-left: 2%;"> <h1 class="headtitle-home">Somos un grupo tecnológico del sector del software empresarial con varias divisiones de negocio que comparten cuatro valores comunes: [pl_tooltip tip="Las personas trabajando a gusto damos lo mejor" position="bottom"]<span class="enlace-valor">personas</span>[/pl_tooltip], [pl_tooltip tip="El 20 % de rentabilidad nos permite crear el futuro que queremos" position="bottom"]<span class="enlace-valor">rentabilidad</span>[/pl_tooltip], [pl_tooltip tip="Evolucionamos en tecnologías para innovar en software" position="bottom"]<span class="enlace-valor">tecnología</span>[/pl_tooltip] y [pl_tooltip tip="Diseñamos con estilo sencillo y agradable" position="bottom"]<span class="enlace-valor">diseño</a>[/pl_tooltip].</h1> </div> Thank you very much for you help. David.
  2. Hi, I'm newbie and I'm trying to implement an onmouseover-effect on images (fade-in and fade-out) just like the HCC-sticker on the following page: http://www.hichert.c...erungen/berater I would like to use the tooltips from walter zorn but didn't found any information about 1) if it works with pagelines and 2) how to implement it in pagelines. Would be thankful for any help....