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  1. tooltip customizations

    Hi, I am working with the tooltip with title caption. How can i change the background of this to #502000 and the font color to white? Is it possible to cut off the title caption if not used? Is it possible to add images to the tooltip? How do i control the height of this? Is it possible to use the modal popup as a hover tooltip? Or is this just a crazy idea? Thanks for answering. A url to see the work: http://blueinnovators.com/excellent-business/
  2. Hi The toolptip with this format: This is a [pl_tooltip tip="Cool" location="right"]tooltip [/pl_tooltip] example. and This is a [pl_popover title="Title" content="..."]popover[/pl_popover] example. stopped working after upgrade to 2.3 I wrap it in pl_raw and it did not work, for example: This is a [pl_raw][pl_tooltip tip="Cool" location="right"]tooltip [/pl_tooltip][/pl_raw]example. I've tried in a test forum without plugin and CSS code. I'm doing something wrong? Thanks in advance.
  3. Tooltip Position

    Hi I have just udated to 2.3.1, and now the tootlips which weren't working at all, are working, which is great. However, the positioning is not working. I have the following shortcode on the frontpage of my site. [pl_tooltip tip="Played by Mark Killeen" location="top"]banker [/pl_tooltip] but the tooltip still shows up to the right! Ironic, as the udate was all about fixing positioning. I'm very happy that the tooltip is working at all though! Question 2. Is there any way to style the link for a tooltips and popovers differently to other links, to make it differentiate between links that are clickable? thanks kk
  4. Tooltip position

    I am using the bootstrap tooltip shortcode on my site and having trouble with the positioning in safari and google chrome... http://mediplay.yodro.com/sign-up/ *If you hover over the icons you will see the tooltip... The issue does not appear in Firefox or IE - Does anyone know how to correct this issue? Any help would be appreciated. Thanks!