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  1. Hi, When using the editor I am getting duplicate wordpress toolbars and an a nice error to go with it... I have them stack 4 high at one point. Goes away with a refresh then re-appears. very odd.
  2. We had this site on our cloud 9 server and moved it to a Amazon Web Service server using Cloud Front and now the Editor on chrome is missing just says USE GOOGLE CHROME TO EDIT WITH DMS. Have tried multiple computers and same results. Any solutions why we would be have this problem? Won't work on any page. http://www.viaglobalgroup.com/ Thanks Matt @Danny @Andrew
  3. Well when I go to edit a page there is no toolbar appearing. Also the font is white, so therefore I'm not able to see it. Any help if I can just upload the original .php file that would fix this? I hope that make sense.
  4. Having a very strange problem on a site that's under development and on maintenance mode. I've got the Base Theme installed and have a NavBar section active with one menu item that has a sub-menu. When I click on that menu item when I am on the homepage, the submenu opens up as expected. However, when I click on that menu item on any other page, the only thing that happens is that I jump down the page a little bit. The submenu does not open up. I've disabled all non-PageLines plugins and there's no change. I've also disabled all plugins and there's still no change. I have also removed all custom CSS and there's no custom PHP added. I've tried NavClassic and get the same problem (one difference between using NavBar and NavClassic is that the "caret" that appears next to the menu item with a submenu appears only on the homepage for the NavClassic while it appears on every page for NavBar). If I activate the PageLines Framework, everything works fine. Incidentally, I do have the menu set as Primary Site Navigation under Appearance > Menus. Another strange thing that's happening - and that, perhaps, could be a clue about what's wrong - is that the WordPress toolbar (activated in my Profile Options by checking the "Show Toolbar when viewing site option") is visible only on the homepage with the Base theme activated. It does not appear on any of the other pages (although there is extra space where the toolbar should be). This problem also does not happen when I activate the PageLines Framework.