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  1. I want the titles to display on all pages except my home page. I saw old threads but the code offered didn't do it for mine. Maybe I'm just having trouble finding the right css? Here's the page I want to remove "HOME" from: http://dreamtrampoli...ndbox/sciascia/
  2. Hello, I'd like to place a title above a series of 3 boxes on the home page. For example, each box represents a product in our store to be highlighted, with the title being the product name. Then above the three highlighted products, I'd like it to say something like "From our store". (See sample site here.) Is there an established way to do this already, or otherwise some work around? thanks. Antonella
  3. Hi, i want to know how to remove a specific box title, i have found out on here that the below code can be used, but it does not work, i have placed this code in the Boxes Custom Class on the box i am wanting to remove the title. .fboxtitle {display:none;} Any other suggestions?