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  1. Hello, do I use a hook if I would like to add the post author's avatar on the homepage? If I have to use that, what would be the exact command? Is there another way to do that? My website allows visitors to make submission of photos and text, and I would like their avatars to be shown next to their post. Visitors who post are random and I may not know them, hence it has to be automatic that once someone posts, his or her avatar goes up with the post. But within pagelines drag and drop, I can only add "post author" into "blog post". How do I add "post author" with the avatar into the "blog" section (where all the latest posts will be shown)? Thank you for your help.
  2. Hi I have a very simple question. Which code I can use to display the thumbnail of the current post (as in the exerpt) but in a box (I use a section type : "Content Box") ? I tested this : <?php echo the_post_thumbnail($id); ?>. But It's doesnt work unfortunately. Thanks a lot FM
  3. For some technical reasons, we had to reinstall everything from scratch but after the process, we started experiencing some issues related to theme and thumbnails. 1- The Apple Style menu seems so thick. It used to be thinner than what it seems now. This is the screenshot I copied from Google cache... Not it looks like this: Even the outline is different. The second question is about the featured images shown incorrectly. Previously, when we define a featured image and then publish the article, we could get a 150x150 pixel thumbnail but this time we only get a resized of the featured image. Our features images have a size of 1070 px to 250 px. When the images were resized, we used to have a portion of the image at a size of 150x150 px. The difference can be seen in the screenshot... There are 4 posts you can see. The last one is one of the old ones and the other three are the new posts. You can see the difference. I have checked the Wordpress settings from WP Admin >> Settings >> Media and all the thumbnail settings are defined there....
  4. How can I get a full page gallery view of my photos? I want to post a gallery in a post, showing max size in the computers window when the gallery opens. Should be a thumbnail view at bottom, or just arrows to move to next photo in that specific gallery. Really need help with this one!
  5. I am trying to adjust the cropping on thumbnail images placed in post excerpts, but I am not having any luck. Right now the thumbnails are cropping proportionately/square, but I would like to remove all cropping and simply be able to set a maximum width and height, and have the full thumbnail image fit within those settings. The website I am referencing is: http://missbesavin.com/ Can anyone help me? Thank you.
  6. Hello, I am wanting to remove the box outlined and shadow from all post feature thumbnails. I had worked out the CSS before the last Pagelines update - but now the CSS doesn't work. i have tried to use firebug, but I do not seem to be able to get it to work. Does anyone know the CSS outright? I have some Pagelines stock images on my site http://danielfinn.co.uk and the openning box is being used as a post feature thumbnail on my front page. Thanks!
  7. Hello, I am wanting to modify the default post feature image thumbnail. I would like them to have no border or shadow. I am unsure of the exact CSS to do this. Could somebody help me? The code outlined below succesfully changes the border and background colour of the feature image, however, I do not seem to be able to remove the shadow type border. .post-thumb .c_img { background:transparent!important; border:none; } Could someone help me?