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  1. Hi,   I found pagelines very good building web sites. But sometimes, plugins, sections and others features are not sufficient to meet some requirements. I want to display a custom post type on a special template. Here is the doc http://support.pagelines.me/docs/customization/create-a-custom-page-template/ but there is not code query post or custom post from the database.   1. If my custom post type are jobs. How to do to display a list of jobs of a post ? Which query to use ?   2. If a want to display a single job, which will be the name of template file : page.job.php ?     I have download a classified plugin from mpmudev and when i log in to my website i see that a classifieds archive and classifieds template are created. See http://paste.pagelines.com/17g . My question is where i can find this template file because there are not in my child base theme ? You can see http://paste.pagelines.com/7x7 .   Thanks
  2. Custom navbar theme?

    Hi, I'm working on a new site using PageLines Pro, and it turns out the design handed off to me has a navbar color scheme that doesn't match any of the preset styles found in the options under "NavBar and Fixed NavBar Theme". I know I could just edit my custom theme plugin CSS file to change the appearance, but I thought it would be good to add our color scheme as an option in this menu. Where would a new navbar theme live in the system? Thank you!