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  1. I have upgraded to PageLines Lite from Platform for my site.   I have tried to modify the theme of the navigation bar at Pagelines -> Site Options -> NavBar -> Select Theme   However, no matter how I tried, the navigation is always in Light Grey.   Even after I reset all settings and even import the settings from my Pagelines test drive (http://ernestek.pagelines.me/), it always appears the same.   Any ideas how I can change the theme of the navigation bar?   Thanks!
  2. Overriding includes in a child theme

    Is it possible to override a file from the /pagelines/includes folder in a child theme? I have tried it and it doesn't seem to work. If the normal method of copying the file into the child theme folder doesn't work, how would I change the grid() function in library.layouts.php to include an ordinal for each box? (Note, the php code to achieve this isn't the problem, just how to get around pagelines "underriding" my customisation).
  3. [Note - I previously started this conversation in a separate thread but I want to open it up for more discussion so am reposting here.] I am new to Pagelines and am trying to understand how build a child theme from scratch. I have some basic HTML/CSS knowldege but I am currently a beginner when it comes to PHP & Javascript. I have built some Wordpress sites before but have only ever made basic CSS modifications to an existing theme. I have never built a theme or child theme before. I want to learn how to create/customise a child theme in Pagelines but I have no idea where to start, and can't find any documentation to help me. I just watched the PDET Video tutorials. They were a little out of date but still very helpful in understanding how to create Pagelines Sections, even for a beginner coder like me. The problem is there are no more video tutorials! Sections were covered, but where are the rest of the promised videos on Themes and Plugins? We need a series of tutorials (maybe as videos) taking us though the steps of building a Pagelines child theme from scratch (or from the base child theme), similar to the sections video tutorials. I have looked at the Theming page but it does make a lot of assumptions about our knowledge. I currently don't really understand how all the different components fit together in creating a child theme. Here are my questions: To build a child theme for Pagelines, do we need to know Wordpress theming already? If yes, are there any good tutorials out there to take us through the process? How do all the components of a child theme fit together? How do hooks and actions fit into the design? Do we need to learn LESS before we begin? Any good resources for this? Is there an example theme that uses bootstrap available? I want to understand how to use the grid. Is it easy to take an existing Wordpress theme and convert it into a Pagelines child theme? How do I do this? Would I even want to, or is it too long-winded? What are the best tools to use? How do you see what you are doing (CSS changes etc.)? Are their any video tutorials explaining how to create child themes for Pagelines? I like Pagelines in principle, but these days very few of us would build a WP theme from scratch for a new website - we'd simply take an existing theme and customise it. Pagelines does not appear to have much choice in this regard, since there are currently very paid few child themes available. Thanks in advance.
  4. I have been looking at some front end theme switching plugins in the hope of finding something would enable users to select an alternative theme for their own session on a site, without their being logged in and without changing what other users see. So far I have not found anything that works properly with Pagelines. Perhaps there is another way of achieving this in Pagelines itself? I guess I could build a load of 'parallel' pages and change lots of template settings on them to make them more 'accessibie', but this would involve maintaining two sets of content. What I am looking for is a way of swapping from a view of a site with only text and hyperlinks in text (no fancy page layout) to a 'normal' view (menus / sidebars / graphics etc). Any pointers?
  5. How do i set a Mobile Theme?

    hey guys! i have a problem with the mobile page of my website: http://heybier.de i would love to make the sidebar invisible in my postings and categories and the menü is a problem in the mobile theme. is it possible to change things like that for iphone and android phones? maybe somebody has an idea. tristan
  6. Hi guys, After realising it was simply impossible (?) to use Platform theme together with Buddypress, i've been looking around for a while and finding contradictory information. http://wordpress.org/support/topic/pagelines-platform-theme-is-not-compatible-with-buddypress?replies=1 Could someone please post what PageLines themes are really and fully compatible both with bbPress and Buddypress?
  7. Hi What may be the cause of this issue? The site is under maintenance, but I attach two images showing the issue. Thanks in advance.
  8. Store Theme?

    Is anyone working on an e-commerce them yet for pagelines that has jigoshop already integrated? I would buy it if it was available. I did actually use jigoshop recently in one of my PL sites, but don't know how to make it a child theme. Is that possible?
  9. So when I updated the pagelines framework from 2.3.2 to 2.3.3 the update process did not work and deleted the pagelines theme from my host but did not install the new one. So as I have had a similar problem 2 weeks ago and was advised on here to reinstall the theme onto my host thats what I have done this time too. the website is www.bhesco.co.uk I have a copy of pagelines.zip but it is a copy of 2.2.5 - when this has been uploaded the site re-appears but there remain some issues: 1. the widgets page does not load correctly - screenshot seen here: 2. the menu page does not load correctly 3. any attempt to upgrade the theme to 2.3.3 now leaves the site in maintenance mode indefinitely (I tried 10 times+ yesterday) 4. the visual layout editor does not work (all text in white and written in html) 5. my "Links" page that had the connections plugin does not work - template deleted? screenshot seen here: 6. the FS Contact forms options plugin no longer works This is a new start up and we are just beginning to invite people to a launch so I really need the site up and working reliably... Thanks for your help in advance
  10. Theme Routinely Broken

    I'm continuing to experience the problem that my theme does not load properly when loading my website. My website looks like this often: twitpic.com/azj7wh instead of http://t.co/MWi5klfa. I'd really love an answer of what's going on or a fix. I don't know what to do to get this from happening. Thanks!
  11. Unpacking the package… Installing the plugin… The package could not be installed. No valid plugins were found. Plugin install failed. This is the error code I get when I try to load postpins on my website. I am using the pagelines framework. Could you please assist?
  12. Custom navbar theme?

    Hi, I'm working on a new site using PageLines Pro, and it turns out the design handed off to me has a navbar color scheme that doesn't match any of the preset styles found in the options under "NavBar and Fixed NavBar Theme". I know I could just edit my custom theme plugin CSS file to change the appearance, but I thought it would be good to add our color scheme as an option in this menu. Where would a new navbar theme live in the system? Thank you!