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  1. I cannot seem to successfully apply templates to pages, or change the template that they are currently set to use.   Using the "Load Template" button in the DMS editing area seems to apply the template to the page, but when looking at the pages in the list of "pages" in Wordpress dashboard, they still appear as either "default" or "no template assigned" in the "PageLines Template" column.   Similarly, attempting to use the "Load PageLines Template" menu of the "DMS Setup" area of the Wordpress "Edit" page yields the same result.  No matter what is done to set the template for a page, the change simply just does not stick and teh still come back as "default" or "no template assigned".  Am I misunderstanding how the template mechanism should work, or is something wrong here?   Thanks for any suggestions!
  2. Hi,   (This question is probably dumb, I'm very sorry)    How can I have different sidebars on different areas of my site using wp and pagelines framework, That is to say ... 1 sidebar for the Blog, 1 sidebar for individual posts and yet another sidebar for 'static pages'   Many special thanks in advance.    Kind regards Floris
  3. Full-Width Mastheads

    So I'm getting up to speed on PageLines, despite the forthcoming changes.  I'm trying to get a basic full-browser-width masthead, as described in the docs and other threads, but it ain't happening for me. Can't get it to go full-width.  Here's my setup:   Under Site Options > Global Settings > Layout Editor 1. Layout Handling set to Responsive/Pixel Width 2. Site Design Mode set to Full-Width Sections 3. Default Layout Mode, I select Single Column (no sidebar) 4. Layout Dimension Editor seems a moot point when trying to get full-browser-width sections.   Then I go to my Page, and select Default Layout. I drag a Masthead into the Header section. But when I save, and view/refresh the page, it's still constrained to a pixel width.  How do I really get full-browser-width sections, that bleeds to browser edges, but then has content within it that is constrained? This is what I don't get. Your thumbnails in Layout and Site Design Modes seem to indicate layout function that I'm not getting.    This is a static layout of content that I'm trying to replicate via PageLines...Any advise would be helpful.  http://chrisphoto.com/chw2.0/rethink/   Chris.
  4. I'm using your new 2.3 version. Can't find an option - if there is one? - to create a new template (above and beyond the 5 provided). Thanks!
  5. WooCommerce Template

    I just recently switched from jigoshop to woocommerce. I noticed that know after setting everything up my products wont show up. I have the shop page page pointing to http://www.rockfordartdeli.com/deli-case/ which is my shop page. Does the default template page go to product archives instead of a normal template? Did i miss a step into making this function properly? Thanks,
  6. Custom Layout

    I need to setup a template so that has left, center and right column boxes but below the left and center columns have a full width sidebar below. The full width sidebar cannot go across the right column. (See image below). Are there any suggestions on how I best go about doing this and make user friendly?
  7. Hi there, in one project i'm working on, the category sites are empty. I've built a childtheme, based on the "basetheme". How could i manage it, that the post are displayed by clicking on the category links in the sidebar and is it possible to show the the sidebar with the archives and categorys at the singlepost / category-page / archiv-page? Kind Regards Marten Website URL: http://sivat.qbus.de/blog/ Framework Version: 2.1.1 WordPress Version: 3.5.1
  8. hi, i need to create a new section that import 2 sections that currectly exist, here is the muck up this is what i'm trying to do: http://d.pr/L1CD as you can see i need to include boxes and another section that i use for other pages, is there a way to do this? a hook or function? thanks.
  9. Hello Everyone, I would like to ask a question about wp_query for a page template. So this is the scenario: I have a custom post type called "POSITIONS" . This is created using the magic field plugin . http://screencast.com/t/cfoeIAsfa Magic Field Plugin - http://magicfields.org/ In this page - http://www.amepl.com.au/employment/ You can see at the bottom the five positions from the custom post type. - http://screencast.com/t/GTSoWHgJuva This is shown through (see screencast for clear explanation)- http://screencast.com/t/3hYexrwnYh4 Specific page template - http://screencast.com/t/iIYYy91rPs So my question is how to make it show like 20 positions instead of 5. Clearly it is not doable via options. My idea is to code a custom wp_query in a specific page template. I know how to code this in other themes but I browsed through the pagelines framework php files I am having a hard time. Can anyone help me about this? Replies much appreciated. Thanks!
  10. hi, i have a child theme based on pagelines, now i need to create multiple childs themes that are based on the first child theme, an example. this is my first child theme: /* Theme Name: uKnowKids Theme URI: http://www.uKnowKids.com/ Description: uKnowKids.com wordpress theme Version: 1.0 Author: Rommel Castro A. Author URI: http://www.rommelxcastro.com Tags: Template: pagelines */ now i need to create a child theme based on the other child theme /* Theme Name: Abeanstalk Theme URI: http://abeanstalk.com/ Description: Theme for Abeanstalk Author: Rommel Castro Author URI: http://rommelxcastro.com/ Template: uKnowKids Version: 0.1.0 */ but is not worknig, i can't see the theme in pagelines, what can i do?
  11. Hello, As my topic title states, I am seeing an unusually large amount of white space between the page content and the boxes I have set to display. I have just upgraded to 2.4.1, but have never built a page until after updating, as I have only recently purchased Framework. The page for example, (as this is happening to any page built with template 1): http://www.theviewingscreen.com/?page_id=3904 I have crawled the forums trying many different options presented that seemed similar to mine, such as adding: #site #page, #site #dynamic-content { min-height: 240px; } to my Custom CSS, and it has not worked. I do believe it does have something to do with #dynamic-content, because when I look at the CSS in the console, it highlights the page content area, including all the white space, and says it is 960x608. Also, I notice that my boxes, while set to display from the page, (and not the template), show as though they are part of the 'more foot area'. Perhaps all of this is how it is supposed to be, I'm really not sure. At any rate, any help to take out that white space would be greatly appreciated. Thanks, Lorrell.
  12. Good day: I would like to add my address in contact info in so that it shows on every page (right beneath or above) Secondary Nav at bottom of page. I would like this to be in text format in so that SEO finds it. I would like but don't need to have a hyperlink in here so that I can connect it to contact page and/or google maps. I cannot find anyway that PageLines will put text here. I have tried FiTText: That gives me Text in a HUGE font not not appropriate here and not able to control colour or size. I have tried putting this in Header/Footer Set-up: More Statement in Footer and FootCols section but this text does not appear on screen. Thoughts: Help? www.newsite.thetradinglab.com
  13. Hi, I am using amember 4.x and pagelines. I like very much the different templates I can use for pages. amember has an option to be embeded to the Wordpress theme. it seems that it takes the default template, how can I make to use a specific template ? (say Template 4) In the pic.below, amember is using a default layout. I want to assign a specific template # Thanks, Luis
  14. Hi, I will try to do my best to be clear as I am very new on wordpress and cannot find in any topics a right answer to my problem. My question is first : "How to get access to category pages without any widget or menu ?" I do not want either to use the categories widget you can put to your sidebar neither the one of the menu options of the navigation bars. As on the layout enclosed, i would be able to acess to my specific categories by just clicking on the corresponding icon in the sidebar i created with text widget. One button is linked to the whole blog, the others should be linked to the specific categories. More of this, and this could be my second question : i would like to add a specific layout on these specific pages which are linked to their respective categories. At least an introduction to its in the header for example. Thank you for helping... Boutons_categories.pdf
  15. It would have been really nice if one easily could create different templates for category pages, so that one could create special page layouts for some categories and have standard page layout for the rest. (Both for the category archive page and for posts in a certain category). This would turn Wordpress into a full fledged CMS, which is what I need really. If one could control the layout with Pagelines drag-and-drop it would be awesome. Have anyone done anything like this? Is there a guide or a thread in the forums on how to do it? I'm sure I'm not the first person to ask for it, but I'm not sure what terms to search for so instead I'm asking for your help finding the right threads. (The best thing would be if someone made a plugin for Pagelines to do this, something which I'm quite sure it would be very popular.) Just to clarify what I mean, if it is unclear, here's the case: My website is for a non-profit political organisation, and we publish news about our issues. We would like to incorporate a "leaders blog" where she posts more blog-like posts (personal touch-things) on what she is doing, as well as a blog with contributions from our academic council. I want a different layout for these blog pages than from the regular news pages, to clearly separate them.
  16. Hi, i searched forum for this topic but i couldn't find the answer. i just bought new framework and install iblogpro 5 template. When i look into my old archive page, it was empty. So i deleted that page. i want to create a new archive page but when i select pages / new page section, there is no archive page template option for my new page... there is only default page, template 1,2,3,4 and 5. How can i add an archive page? Thank you...
  17. Hello. First time poster, longtime pagelines fan. I'm trying to configure the carousel metadata to use the NextGEN Gallery Carousel Template instead of the default template. After a bit of tinkering, I've been able to get pagelines to display the carousel in the expected nextgengallery template format by specifying in the NextGen Gallery ID For Carousel (Carousel Page Template / NextGen Mode) box a shortcode: [nggallery id=1 template=carousel] which is super but it also displays on the rendered page some unwanted text, specifically "template=plcarousel". I did a Web search and can see a couple of people asked about this in the past but the threads are old and closed and don't have a resolution. And I've found a few sites which look like they use pagelines and have the same problem. When searching I also found a(n) (old) listing of the code for /sections/carousel/sections.php and can see the following line: echo do_shortcode('[nggallery id='.$ngen_id.' template=plcarousel]');[/code] which I presume is responsible for generating the "template=plcarousel" text I can see on my page. Oh, I think I see what's happening...because I'm specifying a template attribute in the shortcode in the carousel_ngen_gallery input text box it doesn't expect the second template attribute value in the carousel/sections.php. If my understanding is correct, is there any way you could extend the carousel metadata to allow users to specify which nextgengallery template type they want to use in the carousel nextgengallery metadata? And is there anything I can do in the meantime to work around it? Thanks in advance for your help!
  18. Buddypress Template Lost Space

    Hey guys! If i may, i would like to ask for your help again I am trying to alter my buddypress community page template because i am loosing lots of space: around 50 to 100 pixels from the content section. That space for sure can be used for some content and also looks bad as it leaves too much white space on the page, at least for my taste. This is caused by the padding of each page element. I do not know which one to reduce not to affect the rest of the design to make the other pages, non buddypress related look weird also... Any help how to reduce all that without affecting the overall code of other pages?
  19. HI, on the test site http://www.pandolfino.it/mognon/ I need to put on the left a sidebar in two different pages but with different contents. With the Pagelines Framework (2.3.5) I can only use SB1 or SB2 on the Template Setup (see the attached files). Can you help me? Thanks! Luigi
  20. Can't Access All Templates

    Hi :-) I'm trying to create pages in my site, but in the "page attributes" on the right side of a new page, I don't have all the options ... I only have default, and up to "template 5"... There is no "blog" or any other template listed that I can access... So my solution was to create my blog posts on a regular template page, however they still show up as a "blog" template, because even though I have the secondary sidebar hidden on it, it shows up... But when I go into the "drag and drop" are to remove the secondary side bar, it takes that element out of every template page :-( Can someone please help? Thanks in advance :-) Jen
  21. I need to make one page template full-width on a client site. What is the best way to do this?
  22. Template Customization

    Hello All, I am currently creating some landing pages and customizing them using the page-id-#. Is there a way that I could apply that styling to a Template and just use that template to create new landing pages? Ultimately, is there a way to call out a template using CSS? I wasn't able to get any clues with Firebug. Ideas... Thanks, Tim
  23. Hi, I love the site layout feature which i can set the site width to my preference. 920px with 600 content and 320 sidebar. However, when I have some content on full width pages, 920px width makes it hard to read from left to right. I wonder how can I change the width for specific page templay, say "epsilon" (template #5)? I tried the following css but it doesn't work, it made the entire content align to the left of the browser. .epsilon { max-width: 700px; } Thanks in advance for helping out. Colin
  24. HTML Sitemap

    A while ago, Yoast, the developer of the great plugin Wordpress SEO, wrote an article on creating a HTML sitemap you can publish on your website for visitors. XML sitemaps are already provided by the Yoast plugin. The question is, how to create a custom PageLines Template for this page, including the suggested functionality provided by Joost de Valk (Yoast), to be embedded automaticly in the content area of this template? I know how to create a custom PageLines template. But I don't know how to implement the php code yoast provided. Anyone ideas for the right implementation? Thank you.
  25. Hi, I would like to create a page-template with a carousel or feature set that holds a video, an image, a background image, text and a title. What is my best bet? How do I bring this together? I know features can handle this, but what if I want a feature of a different size in another template. Settings for features are apparently for the whole site. Thanks Kind regards, Floris