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  1. Hi there, On my site there’s a pipe/vertical bar (the | character) in the <title>-tag, even though I’m not using a tagline for the site. There’s a page title and that’s it - the tagline field in settings > general is completely empty (no spaces or anything like that). So my question is - where do I remove the pipe/vertical bar? the output is now: <title>Title |</title> but I want <title>Title</title> I haven’t been able to find a solution on the forums or on the web as it seems there shouldn’t be the pipe if the field is empty. WordPress Version : 3.5.1 Framework Version : 2.4.1 Framework Build : 2.4.1 PHP Version : 5.2 Licence : Pro
  2. Remove Tag Information From Post

    Hi there How can i remove the Tag info in Post page?
  3. I was wondeirng if it was possible to add an alt tag the social icons that come with Pagelines as default. For example, I am using an SEO plug-in which searches through pages and finds thing to improve on. It tells me that each pages has at least one image without an alt tag. As most of my pages don't have images on, I am presuming it is finding the social icons.