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  1. Site Title & Tag Line

    I'm a complete newbie with anything to do with PageLines so please bare with me. ;)   How would I add the Site Title & Tag Line to the header? I can't see any add-on's that would achieve this.
  2. Good day: I would like to add my address in contact info in so that it shows on every page (right beneath or above) Secondary Nav at bottom of page. I would like this to be in text format in so that SEO finds it. I would like but don't need to have a hyperlink in here so that I can connect it to contact page and/or google maps. I cannot find anyway that PageLines will put text here. I have tried FiTText: That gives me Text in a HUGE font not not appropriate here and not able to control colour or size. I have tried putting this in Header/Footer Set-up: More Statement in Footer and FootCols section but this text does not appear on screen. Thoughts: Help? www.newsite.thetradinglab.com