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  1. Change Color Tabs

    Is it possible to change color Tabs and buttons ? Thank You.
  2. Hi,   I am trying to figure out how to use the shortcode for tabs, I have checked the Documentation under Shortcode>Tabs but there is no example so I don't know what to do with the shortcode.     If anyone could provide an example of how to implement the shortcode I would greatly appreciate it.
  3. Hi I have created a page with a tabbed section and have formatted a responsive grid on the first tab using the shortcodes [row], [span6] etc. In full width browser, the layout looks fine, but when resized the images overlap the tabbed area. The page is here: http://loveyogaanatomy.com/test-caffe3/   Also even when looking at the demos using the grid they realign the images underneath each other when the images get to a certain size. This seems too soon to me, is there a way to let things get smaller before everything is shuffled around?   In the middle of posting this I thought I should try it without the tabs to see if it works like that and it doesn't so maybe I am coding it wrong. My layout is like this for 3 columns [row] [span4]content [/span4] [span4]content [/span4] [span4]content [/span4] [/row] shame cause I thought I had eventually got the hang of something.
  4. Hi, I have added tabs on my website. I use shortcode provide on the link http://support.pagelines.me/docs/miscellaneous/shortcodes/ . Instead of be displayed on the same like on the pagelines example. You can see it on the following link http://troll.ws/image/87c96c86#.UbWoLNjvjCo My tabs are displayed the first on the first line and the second below. You can see it here : http://troll.ws/image/b8dc5a76#.UbWocdjvjCo When i inspect the code i notice this : The <br/> is generated on my code. I am wondering if it is normal ?
  5. I've updated to Pagelines Framework 2.4.2 and now I have problems with tabs. At the end of the content inside tabs appears the elements that only I want to appear at the end of the post or page (print and PDF buttons, share buttons, tags). Even some elements appears in two places (at the end of the tab and at the end of the page). How can I do to don't show this elements at the end of the tabs. The site is www.descobreixmenorca.com Password protected: desmen Thank you
  6. tabs

    how to fix? http://screencast.com/t/px79CNeCQQ [pl_raw] [pl_tabs] [pl_tabtitlesection type="tabs"] [pl_tabtitle active="yes" number="1"]Review[/pl_tabtitle] [pl_tabtitle number="2"]Info[/pl_tabtitle] [pl_tabtitle number="3"]Highlights[/pl_tabtitle] [pl_tabtitle number="4"]<button class="btn btn-mini" type="button"><a href="http://bit.ly/ZATiOU" target="_blank">GET MAP</a></button>[/pl_tabtitle] [/pl_tabtitlesection] thank you.
  7. tabs

    Pagelines > frameworks > Pagelines Tools > Tabs Issue: Im trying to use the pagelines tools code that creates tabs (see below) [pl_tabs][pl_tabtitlesection type="tabs"] [pl_tabtitle active="yes" number="1"]Title 1[/pl_tabtitle] [pl_tabtitle number="2"]Title 2[/pl_tabtitle] [/pl_tabtitlesection][pl_tabcontentsection] [pl_tabcontent active="yes" number="1"] Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit [/pl_tabcontent] [pl_tabcontent number="2"] <img class="pl-imageframe" alt="" /> [/pl_tabcontent] [/pl_tabcontentsection] [/pl_tabs] However, when I view it on my site the tabs do not line up horizontally. One tab or another is always out of place (See http://engravedwineboxes.com/themed-boxes/) )
  8. Columns

    Is thee a way to set columns using some sort of plug in or must I use span (etc) in Pageslines? I am trying to create a page of text in two columns: I cannot find a simpler way to do this: Suggestions? www.newsite.thetradinglab.com
  9. I am currently setting up a Banner and am perplexed by how it handles text. I would like to add tab to space it out or hard return. It's not letting be do that, and I cannot find icon for it. Currently I have to use hash marks and paint them white which works until you hit print and they print. Is there a way to add spaces, tabs, etc between words in a way that it will obey and not 'print' http://newsite.thetradinglab.com
  10. SEO And pl_tabs data

    HI Guys Do you know if there is a way to let bots index the [pl_tabs] content ? by adding <title> and <meta> blocks . Because my Yoost SEO tool isn't seeing that data Content: No Meta description: No [pl_raw] [<span class="searchlite">pl_tabs</span>][pl_tabtitlesection type="tabs"] [pl_tabtitle number="1"]Title 1[/pl_tabtitle] [pl_tabtitle number="2"]Title 2[/pl_tabtitle] [/pl_tabtitlesection] [pl_tabcontentsection] [pl_tabcontent active="yes" number="1"] <h3><title>Title 1</title></h3> <meta>Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit<meta> [/pl_tabcontent] [pl_tabcontent number="2"] <h3>Title 2</h3> Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit [/pl_tabcontent] [/pl_tabcontentsection] [/pl_tabs] [/pl_raw]
  11. Hi! I am using the shortcodes for tabs, as described in the documentation. When I insert the following code: [pl_tabs][pl_tabtitlesection type="tabs"] [pl_tabtitle number="1"]Title 1[/pl_tabtitle] [pl_tabtitle number="2"]Title 2[/pl_tabtitle] [/pl_tabtitlesection] [pl_tabcontentsection] [pl_tabcontent active="yes" number="1"] Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit [/pl_tabcontent] [pl_tabcontent number="2"] Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit [/pl_tabcontent] [/pl_tabcontentsection] [/pl_tabs] I get a strange output (in the attachment). Any ideas? Thanks in advance!
  12. How Do I Link To A Tab?

    How do I link to a pageline tab? Say I have 4 tabs and I want to create a URL to tab 3. How would I do that? Thanks
  13. Tabs

    Is there a plugin for creating tabs in html page? Thank you
  14. Hi, I wanna use features section with tabs shortcode. I have already used Image carousel shortcode http://paste.pagelines.com/4fa but now i wanna use features section so i can point out some parts in the product so the description should be in right or left side. Please help me to include features in under tabs. Thanks, sakkthi
  15. ToggleBox shortcode

    Hi, this might be a trivial question, or has been solved before and I am just having a hard time finding an answer. I have read in the docs that pagelines come with an extensive shortcode library. I am trying to look for a shortcode for Toggle Boxes. something simple like: [toggle_box title="Toggle Box Title"]Box Contents[/toggle_box] Could you please point me in the right direction to find out how to implement this feature? Thank you Paulie PS: in case you would like to see the look that i am trying to achieve you can see these sample shortcodes in the following link: http://themes.doitmax.de/wordpress/invictus/?page_id=17
  16. Hi! New Forum design. Cool! I am using the pagelines tabs shortcut and it doesn't align horizontally. Please look at the screen shot. It just shows up as a vertical list not horizontal!